Am I bi?

I'm a 16 year old straight female but my friend is gay. Just recently we had both been drinking and started fooling around, and before I knew it we were both naked and having s**. Before this I had only had an o***** using my fingers but she made me c** by giving me oral and it was mind-blowing. We've now done it several times since and I look forward to it. The thing is that I don't feel like I am attracted to her, but I do enjoy the s**. Am I bi? I've read that unlike boys, girls can get it on together without actually being bi or gay. Is that true?


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  • Take of your panties and give them to her

  • Yeah let her do it let have your p**** enjoy it let her have your c** you can go outside let her finger you she pull your panties down give her your panties

  • So whenever you feel the urge to have your p**** licked she'll do it for you. That's a great situation to be in. Don't worry about what it means, just take full advantage of it.

  • Don't worry about any of that, just give your friend pleasure.

  • Honestly it doesn't have to be defined, I went to college late (I was 22) and I had never been with a girl more than playful drunk kissing.
    I had a friend who lived in the dorm next to me and we had more than one hook up.
    We would sneak up to my room after the bar or sometimes in the morning I would wake up to her crawling into bed before I got up for class and we would have a sneaky rendevous. I always thought that no one knew but it has been 17 years and I have found out through the years that everyone pretty much suspected there was something going on and my room mate who I shared a wall with told me years later that we were not as quiet as we thought.
    Fun is fun and now I am married with kids and I of course have never told my husband about those times, I don't have any urge to be with a girl now but that's not to say I wouldn't if the opportunity arose, I would just never go looking for it.
    Just have fun, if she gets you off just enjoy the moment, Don't put too much thought into where it is going to go or that you have to define your sexuality. If later in life you want to be with a guy be with a guy, If you want to be with a girl be with a girl, If you want to be with both I am sure no guy will complain

  • My friend and I are both 19, a bit older than you, but we are both quite studious and don't have time for guys, but that doesn't mean that we don't enjoy being pleasured. So yes we pleasure each other on a regular basis, mostly mutual masturbation and oral s**, but we have done other things as well. For us it is nothing to do with being gay or bi it is just about enjoying your body, in a safe and discreet situation, and in ways that you can't do on your own.

  • Ignore the labels. S**** whomever you like. If you need a label, use "q****" or the less negative "pansexual".

  • Do it again'll get the right answer urself

  • It sounds like you're not physically attracted to her, and you're just doing it because you enjoy having your p**** licked, which is cool. There's no problem with that. Just have her as your p**** licker until you find a boy to do it instead.

  • I tell you what, f*** me and if you don't like it, ypur gay

  • Boys can do the same thing. Straight guys out of desperation often turn to the same gender in the same situation. Later on, they get into a relationship with a woman and stop the gay s**.

  • No most likley ur just a s*** but thats cool

  • That's unfair, she's only 16 and she's exploring her sexuality in a safe way. Lot's of younger girls are now taking this approach - without the pressures that boys often put on them and without the risk of getting pregnant.

  • LOL! Love it!

  • These days girls have s** with each other just for fun, without the hassles that come with having s** with a guy.

  • So what if u are...

  • What does it matter whether you are bi, gay or straight. You enjoy letting this girl lick you to o*****, and she enjoys doing it. Surely that's all that matters so don't put labels on yourself. These days it's perfectly ok for girls to get together for s**, and lots of girls do exactly that, it doesn't mean they are bi or gay. I've had s** with my friend a number of times, usually after we've had lots of wine, but we are just friends and I don't class myself as bi. It's a different situation for guys though.

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