Wife Sharing

We are a happy couple(46/42) after 18 years of marriage. I was diagnosed with diabetes 4 yrs back, and our s** life took a down trend. I found that my wife needed s** so we started to check online and found a college student aged 21. We shared pics and communicated on phone. We booked a hotel room and invited him there. My wife was shy so she covered her face when he entered our room. He had a big tool which satisfied my wife. They both had a good time and he left. This experience made her feel younger and happy.
After a week she approached me and asked if she can have s** with that college boy once again. I contacted him again but this time called him to our house. When he came home, we all had tea and snacks. After tea, I took my 12 year old to a shopping centre and told my wife that we will return after 2 hours and that she can contact me if she wants us out for more time. She smiled and closed the door.
When we returned after 2 hours, she hugged me tightly and kissed our child passionately. She whispered that she had 2 rounds of passionate s** with that college boy and all her fantasy came through in two hours.
I was longing to see her happy and sexually satisfied. We still invite that college student home and they have s** in our bedroom when our child goes to school or goes to sleep in his room.
Please advice if I am doing the right thing by sharing my wife.

Jun 19, 2018

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  • You have been doing right thing, why one partner would unsatisfied due to other's fault/problem/defect..we have only one life , live and let live @fulllllest..

  • Thanks

  • Sounds like you're doing the right thing. I'm in a similar spot. My wife is 31 and wears me out. She wants it all the time. She has been having a couple of guys from her work come over to help. Sometimes it is what it is, and you have to live with it.

  • Nice to hear that you have volunteered to help your wife live her fantasy. Let them have their share of fun too. Be cool, we are just allowing our wives to be independent

  • Im so happy for you and your wife. Im sure i can no longer satisfy my wife. It feels like a chore for her than love. i can tell my wifes were doing it unwillingly with me. so much so it feels like im committing a rape. we stop having s** now cause the passion is gone now. I encourage her to do it with someone she willing, of her own choice, no pressure no commitment no guilt. she kept brushing it off saying its wrong i a marriage but i do not care. i just want her to feel happy and passionate again. So yes, i think you guys are going in a rifht direction.

  • Have you taken the first step of searching a mate for her

  • Thanks for validating my actions.

  • Lucky college b******

  • I am also lucky to find him for my beloved

  • Long gone those days when husband wife use to be committed to each other no matter what....need not to feel guilty about it as you r doin a right thing. I mean is there any other option..?.no i guess not...but make sure she remains your wife

  • I am sure she will remain with me because I did my duty of giving her what she really wanted to be satisfied.

  • Yes you sure did....You are a good hubby man....

  • Thanks, now I am not feeling guilty of sharing my wife with another man.

  • Would you share nude pics of our wives, with me? And chat about what you'd like to do to my wife?

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