There are times

when i look at you & wonder what good i ever did see.

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  • Hmm, I feel that way about royals. I think they all are on drugs. how can the queen find poking a tongue charming? someone should try it at her see if she thinks its so cute at the queen and at meghan the dirty tongue poker making a mockery of the royals. its disgusting that this t*** is breaking down the morals of what should be seen. but there is more yet to be seen with the royals cuz people here hate them. they are destroying all the queen built up in their family in the last 2 generations so I guess it won't matter if harry goes a step further with a nig wife pre-married pre-used woman who will only leave him for a younger rod later, when she has worked out there is nothing for her to get out of the royals and he is so boring and old. I actually doubt they should have babies but if they do they are going to be ugly. its a complete misconception people have that nigs and whites produce beauty kids. whoever came up with that is nuts.

  • i know what you saw...
    you saw someone who was fun to be around with,
    easy to talk to and get along with,
    and someone who isn't shy to talk to you.

  • haha i found it:)

  • hah, i've been there so many times.

  • John Locke believed that people are born good and become 'evil' by their environment, and over time.

    You saw someone you thought was good at one time, but they unfortunately devolved.

    It happens. We wish it didn't happen so often.

    But secretly, I think deep down inside you still think they are good.

  • Ok that's what John Locke believed but do you happen to have any of your own opinions

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