I sowed a seed

I wonder, will it grow?

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  • Just remember you reap what you sew

  • You mean sow?

  • Sew what?

  • Did u cover it with plastic

  • :):)

  • I really want to bend you over the side of my couch

  • That's fine with me. Bend me. Have me. Do me. Don't stop. Don't EVER stop. Please dear God DON'T STOP!!!!!

  • Yes. Yes, I repeat myself to sound important

  • No. No, you repeat yourself because you're in love with the sound of your own voice. Or keyboard. As the case may be.

  • No. No, it won't grow at all.

  • *Stomp

  • Are you talking about the Evangelist seed? Because that's bullshit and you should never give your money to them.

  • Sure, will take nine months though ;)

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