I'm a straight guy but I always wonder if my p**** Is big enough it's 6 inches while my friends say there 7 or 8 girls tell me Im good but I really don't know if there telling the truth or just telling me what I wanna hear I wonder if my p**** is good enough

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  • My p**** is 5 inches. Wife prefers a bigger c*** so she has a bf to f*** her now

  • A 6" p**** is perfect.

  • I have a micropenis. Be glad you're not me. I can only imagine having 6 inches. H*** I'd even settle for 4.

  • It's not the size, it's what you do with it. And it's more than that's not a p*** movie. It's not how many positions you get some girl into. It's about pleasuring her, and sometimes that's not with your p****. Just because you sleep with a lot of girls does not make you a good lover. Girls respond to other things...

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