Self-conscious Wife

That I ask our friends to compliment my wife to boost her self confidence. I so encourage them sometimes they seem to go too far but I take it because it works. I like to see her lose her self-consciousness and act confident and empowered.

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  • Stop asking for help

  • My wife is self-conscious because I force her to wear skimpy Mini dresses and skirts. Sometimes she comes home and bursts into tears.

  • ^^ would like to here more of what you make your wife do please! ^^

  • I spank her. I make her wear adult diapers but mostly it's just mini skirts. I think her friends think she just likes wearing short skirts but it's because if I catch her in pants without her asking permission then I spank her.

  • Good on you!
    How long have you been married?
    Why diapers?
    Does she read this site?
    How old are you both?
    Is this for relationship?

  • Thanks.
    Don't know.
    Yes,not just for Christmas 🎅

  • Can we talk privately

  • Does everyone think she is a S-L-U-T when you force her out like that? and do you do it because you like others watching or is having her humiliated?
    Want to hear more

  • Her friends don't think she's a s***. I do like to humiliate her. I like to see her trying to be modest. Being careful to squat down rather than bend over. I like to watch her and I like to watch others watching her.

  • ^^what's the s*X like?^^

  • Good on you. You're a good husband. From all married women, THANK YOU!

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