Aunt's house

I'm a 15 year old boy and I have an aunt who was married to my moms brother (my uncle) until he died. My aunt is a nice woman and still part of the family, so every so often I will stay with her and her 12 year old son (my cousin).
So one day my aunt calls my parents and asked if I would come over and stay with my cousin because she had an emergency out of town and her son had a baseball game that night and couldn't go with her. So of course my parents drop me off, and he and I go to his game and then back to his house. We played video games most of the night until my parents called and asked if we were all right, needed anything, and then told us to go to bed. So normally I would sleep in the guestroom, but it was full of a bunch a junk. Anyway, my cousin said "just sleep in my mom's room". So I head in her room, change my clothes and crawl in bed. As I lay there I'm getting h**** and I started stroking my d***. I have no idea why, but then I got the idea to get up and look in my aunts hamper to see if she had any dirty panties. Sure enough she had a pair of black thongs in the dirty clothes. I picked them up and smelled them. I could smell the sweet musk of p**** and my d*** got rock hard. I then picked up her dirty bra and smelled it, but it didn't smell as good as the panties did. I grabbed both panties and bra and head back to the bed. I put her panties on my head so I could smell her p**** and then used her bra to cup my b****. I then jacked off until I shot c** on her bra right inside the cup. I then put the panties and bra back in the hamper and went back to bed. I hope she doesn't figure out I shot c** in her bra.

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  • That's super hot.

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