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My wife recently passed away. I'm wearing her skirts, bra and panties. I stuff her bra with her skirts and panties and sleep with all her other bras and panties. Over her bra, I wear one of her night shirts and sleep with the rest of them. I cuddle with everything and it makes me feel that she's right there with me.

Jan 24, 2021

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  • Very understandable. You must have loved her a LOT!

  • Thanks for understanding, yes, we've been married 24 years, she was my one and only soul mate. I'm going to visit her today.

  • It's been 10 years since my wife died and she had hundreds of panties lots of bras and mini skirts and pantyhose and when she was alive see always like to dress me up in all her lingerie and m********* me in her panties and until I came and then she would suck my c*** and we would d**** together until we came together..it was like we were to lesbians together...so always felt like I was as much as a girl as she only with a c***..so since her death I became a s****** although a closet one and now have many s****** and lesbian friends to continue my sexual fantasies with and they have accepted me into there world .

  • I'm not gay and nothing is wrong with that, never fantized 'bout my wife and s** wearing her things. But just wearing her things makes me feel close to her. I just sleep with her bras and panties and sometimes I climax on them and don't even bother to clean up, being wet with her things really reminds me so much of the comfort that we shared. Weird, I know, but that's what makes me feel whole.

  • Hey whatever you need to do to just cope is totally understandable. I remember a x of mine actually stroking me off after she would c** in them. Soft lacy panties around my c*** was just incredible to feel.

  • Damn

  • I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of your wife, it’s never easy when we lose who our other half. We cope and grieve in many different ways, I personally have felt that way and still struggle with my loss as well. I hope you eventually find some peace.

  • Thank you, I feel the need to talk to someone about what I do, right now, I don't want to stop wearing her things, or sleeping with them, it just feels so good. I'm not going to date anyone else, she has her wedding band with her and as far as I'm concerned, I'm still married to her. I'm also wearing a necklace with one of her other rings and our two 1/2 hearts.

  • Anyway I feel to cope with such a loss I can understand your feelings...I wrote you earlier and I wish I could say more for comfort. I’m going through a battle also with the loss of my mom. And this Friday will make it a year. Doesn’t seem real at all ... last conversation we had she didn’t sound like herself and she said she would call me back... might sound crazy but I’m still waiting on that callback.

  • I appreciate you writing to me, and just this back and forth helps. I lost my wife the 17th of Dec. I was at her resting place just yesterday and talked to her a bit. I'm sorry for your loss too, we've been married 24 years and she was such a part of my life as was your Moms, it just doesn't seem fair, but we all know it's part of life too.

  • Good morning, I don’t know what time it is where you are but we chatted yesterday and I hope you had a chance to get some rest.

  • Good morning, I did get some sleep, thank you. And what about you?

  • Doing alright today, I’m up pretty early for work at 4am. I do screening for employees, majority of the time I’m by myself in a booth. So trying to keep myself busy can be a challenge at times.

  • I'm retired, and I know what you mean about trying to keep busy. I'm in South Carolina, it's raining today, so it's going house-cleaning today.

  • I’m actually from S.C myself! I’m so homesick and want to badly come home. Talk about small world huh ?

  • It is a small world indeed. We moved from CA back in '05 after my time in the Navy. Folks are beyond crazy out there, that and the cost of living is outrageous.

  • To help with your loss, so you listen to any recordings or videos of her? I do that with my mom and wish I actually taken more.

  • I have her on my PC and phone as screensavers and regular photos around the house. I know, it's weird, but I also took a lot of pics of her bras, panties, and nightgowns and have them as a slideshow on my phone.

  • That’s good that you still have those things and photos videos etc I feel it’s very important

  • I’m living in New Mexico right now, it’s quite the change. Some areas are beautiful, while some other spots are meh as they say. Can never keep the car clean due to the dust storms here. Earlier yesterday I received a phone call actually from my half sister. She said that my father after all these years kept a private photo album of my mom and him when they were dating. She plans to make copies and send me them. I’m very eager to see this!

  • We have pollen here, almost year 'round. Tree, grass, weed, you name it, we have it. We don't have a "private" album, I can only imagine what that looks like 😉

  • Good morning, yeah I kinda wondered about the private album myself lol no telling right lol

  • I’m really surprised just to hear that my father kept a small private photo album about her despite him being remarried. Some photos unfortunately did get destroyed in a house fire , but I’m still eager just to see what remains.

  • I actually got a little worried earlier cause I couldn’t find your post but glad I was able to.

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