My best friend is also my girl friend and lover

Hi I am Aisha. I feel soooo shy to share this, but my heart is telling me to so I am writing... I was born in Pakistan, I was mom and dad's first child. My younger brother and sister twins were born years later. When I was 10 my family and I moved to the US and we settled in LA. Things were going well for us, my dad got a very high paying job at a bank, my mom looked after us at home and I got enrolled in a very reputed school here. Both my parents were very religious, but as I started to mix with the American culture I grew less and less religious and found my religion rather oppressive... When I was 13 I feel in love with a boy Dan, and he returned my feelings. We dated for 2 years and lost our virginity to each other when we were 15. But then Dan and I had to separate, he was moving all the way the UK with his family, and I was heart broken. We kept in touch on social media, but long distance relations don't really work. A number of other boys did approach me, but I turned them down, though I was rather surprised so many boys found me attractive. A few months later shortly before my 17th birth day I got to know Dan found a new girl friend and as sad as I was , i was angrier and decided never to speak to him again. Also what bothered me was he should have known he was leaving the country long ago, so why did he keep it a secret before the last moment? Was it to sue me in bed?

In my final year at high school, a new transfer student joined us. Her name was Lucy. I found her cute especially waist length blonde hair, the same size as my silky black hair and the lovely smile in her face. She seemed shy, but I was an easy going person and immediately befriended her. I must say I was spent most ,of my time in school to cuddled up with Dan to befriend or notice other girls I was friendly to them, but not what you could call close friends. But with Lucy I soon became the best of friends. We had so much in common, we liked playing tennis, dancing, swimming, reading the same kind of books, watching the same kind of movies, having the same kind of celebrity crushes, and turning down boys we were [rumored to be the most attractive girls in our batch, I just didnt want to trust other boys after Dan's , betrayal, but Lucy I didn't know why she did yet....] I still liked men, but those who were way older than me, the really athletic ones, and even now I have a number of crushes on football and baseball players. Many times we would study together and even have sleep overs at each others house, and it was one such night things took an unexpected turn.

It was after our exams, Lucy and I spent the whole exam week together studying for our exams at my house and that night we were celebrating. My parents and the twins went to Hawaii, they wanted to take me too but I wanted to spend time with Lucy. We both turned 18 shortly before then and my parents acknowledged I was a big girl and could take care of myself. We were watching tv and discussing our future plans, then it started raining. I loved rain and enjoyed playing in the rain, but all my life I was restricted in case I got sick and missed my classes. But now I felt freedom like never before. I told Lucy what I was thinking, she was at first hesitant but then agreed and we ran of to the yards and begun playing tag, while getting soaked in rain. At one point I fell, and hurt my leg. Lucy Immediately came to my aid and helped me back to the house. I felt really stupid then. We were very wet, but I was in too much pain to change and Lucy despite my protests begun the massage my injured leg to make me feel better, despite water dropping from every inches of her body. I was laid on the couch with my legs stretched, Lucy was massaging my injured spot. I was feeling better, and strangely enjoying her warm touch. Lucy seemed to be quiet enjoying herself. Then her hands moved way above my injured spot, i threw a questioning look, Lucy said giggling you can pay me for the leg massage later. She although shy to most people, always was open to me and had a sense of humor I doubt anyone beside me knew she had. I was extremely enjoying the feeling of her hands on my legs [she decided to massage them both], and I started to feel kinda weird. Now we hugged now and then, but that was it, I never felt enjoying her touch so much then, but now it was totally different. I decided what I was feeling was wrong and decided we should get changed, she kind of reluctantly obliged. I told her to change first, but she teased me "are you too shy to change with your best friend?", I kind of blushed but accepted her dare. As we were changing, i stopped when I saw her hungrily looking at me, and whats more I couldnt take my eyes off her, she looked so beautiful full in her glory. Our eyes met, and we both turned away shyly. But before I could put on my dress, Lucy took the matter out of my hands. She said that she always liked me more than as a friend, she has never been into boys and always been attracted to girls, but I was the first and only girl she truly loved but was scared that if she confessed she would lose her friendship with me and she valued my friendship over all. i didn't know what to say, but what i knew was that at the moment I found her just as attractive she said she always found me. I never had feelings for other girls, but never had I been totally naked with another girl to tell.... Soon she approached me, and I dropped my cloths, and as she hugged me I hugged her back, I felt pleasure like never before as our b****** connected and we begun to take a deep kiss, and started to play with each other's girl hoods....

We made love all night and fell asleep hugging each other. We woke around the same time, and I saw a mix of awkwardness and fear in Lucy's eyes. But my smile blew it all away, we kissed and made love again all morning moaning like all cats before taking a shower, where we did it again, before finally becoming too tired and getting dressed and going back to being normal friends. Its been 3 years since, Lucy and I are still together, we study in the same college and are room mates. We kept it a secret [I would never tell my very religious family this], but many people in our college suspect it by our closeness, but both them and us are fine with it. We are now both best friends and lover and very committed, for Lucy she loves non but me. On my parts, I don't feel the same attraction for any girls or women as I do for Lucy. But I do find men attractive and am seeing a cute athletic and muscular guy, Bret, who I had a huge crush on and is part of the college football team, and weve been dating for about months. Lucy initially objected, but knew that I seriously liked the guy and accepted as long as I still remain loyal to her, which I am. The days I spend with Bret, the nights with Lucy, best of both worlds and both my lovers now my double life and are fine with it. I do feel a lot of physical pleasure with Lucy but whats stronger for me with her is my mental and emotional attachment to her. With Bret its more for the physical, I just love the feel of his manly chest and to play with his huge man hood, he is by far a better man than Dan ever was, and I really can't stand being away from Bret either. Never the less mu love for Lucy is bigger than anything in my life and I would sacrifice anything for her, but i know she has a big heart and would never expect any such from me and that is one of the reason why I love her so much. Lucy and I are inseparable and our love will last till death does us apart!.

Jul 1, 2018


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  • TL;DR. Skimmed it though. Congratulations to the 40something male author. LOL

  • Hot .

  • It's forbidden in the Bible, so he'll awaits unless you repent.

  • He'll, huh? Somehow I'm not worried. If I can endure bad punctuation here on earth, I can handle it in the afterlife too :)

  • Bible forbids s** between two men/boys that is gay s**, it says nothing about or against lesbian s** between women and girls you idiot.

  • Aisha, in had a girlfriend a few years ago that was bisexual. She always told me that she didn’t see gender only people she liked or didn’t like. She lived her s** life to that word. She was European but still had problems with her family excepting her for what she was. A beautiful person that made people life’s better. She is artistic person, creative in everything she did. A free spirit, if your family can’t accept what you are than that’s there problem. Why did they go to USA in the first place? Probably to give you a better life, than they should let you live your life.
    Good luck,

  • Beautiful to the heart and body. Thankyou.

  • I wish i could f-u-c-k you

  • Drama queen

  • Nice, life is short, enjoy whatever you like!

  • Sheer wastage of time

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