I am antisocial

I feel jealous when someone is raped.

I get annoyed when I hear a abuse victim complaining.

I feel sorry for old men who get accused by victims from long ago.

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  • I remember when I was a child about 12 that my bff confided in me that her father had been touching her for years. I felt so guilty I knew I should feel angry and sorry for her and to hate her father but I actually secretly felt jealous. I am not sure whether I wanted her father or my father or just some random man but I do remember feeling like I wanted to experience that. Too weird. I think that had something like that happened to me that I would have been devastated. F***** up hey.

  • Omg

  • I wish rape as a crime should be abolished as women need to pay some tax for being beautiful

  • No the fat ones should be taxed. Why should our eyes have to see such uglyness

  • It's more important to have a beautiful nature, rather than an ugly one like you have. Shame on you!

  • Some guys are into fat girls tho...

  • #sickfuck

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