My friend and I did sexual things together

Ok, my name is J,J and I'm a guy and I was visiting my friend Hayley and we were sitting there just talking when all of a sudden we started feeling each other up and kissing. I've always been a shy guy and the amazing part was I never knew I could open my self up like that. In a matter of minutes, we did about everything. We pleasured each other for 2 hours and I admit that it had been a few months for me. We are best friends and last year she told me she had feelings for me. I just hope we gave it enough time. Honestly it was so amazing. It was the best experience I ever had and she was a little embarrassed at first by her o****** since she squirts when she was one but that was also the first person I had ever been with like that. I always thought that was a myth. It's amazing the things that can happen in life. I'm not ugly but I'm not hot either but it feels nice to be the guy to get the girl for once. I know this is going to sound fruity but it feels like a fairytale. I'm just glad it was with someone I felt comfortable with.

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  • doubles the fun when get things unexpectedly. Do her again and again

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