cutting my feelings away

I used to cut myself everyday because my parents would fight every night,day,morning...then take it out on me by yelling....telling me how i have no future..telling me how I'm a loser! i stop cutting...and im going to start again becuz i cannot take it! i want them to get a divorce!!!!! i feel i have to use for the world! im failing everything i have no hobbies all my friends smoke weed...maybe i will to! no matter how hard i try i can never get a single i love you from them....-Caroline

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  • the weed might f*****' make you think clearer, at least about this cutting nonsense.
    It does NO GOOD. It isn't a release,it's just another way that youre dwelling on the situation.
    ganja baby, it's a life saver :)
    happy toking!

  • If you've cut before and are here to tell about it,
    You didn't do it right!

    Try your neck next time.

  • Smoking some herb won't fix your f***** up relationship between your mom and dad, but it WILL give you the munchies. Then all you'll want to do with the knife is to make sandwiches.

  • maybe it's time you let them do whatever they want...

    it's hard not getting those words from them.... but you have to live your life not depend on what they say about you.
    if you worry about your weed smoking friends find new ones..

    you can force a change but it'll take a lot of effort on your part.

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