Already tired of Joe

I'm already sick and tired of Joe Biden and all his whining. I wish he would stop telling us what's wrong about Trump and start telling what he can do that is ANY better. In a few days from now I guess he'll name his VP nominee candidate and then she can start up whining too. They are all so really horrible.



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  • They all are, and I can't stand to hear them on the TV, much less see their ugly mugs in the papers!

  • Uh, sorry? Which party prides itself on throwing tantrum after tantrum after tantrum when they don't get their way? Oh, and feel free to start crying and call me a "liberal". Wrong, I am an independent. I have as little time for leftards as I do rightards like you. And yes, b****, I VOTE.

  • Which party???!!?? They both do. I'm sick of all they dumb ass! That's why I'm voting Libertarian this goround. No Dem no Rep!!

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