My cousin

I wanna f*** my cousin so bad and i think she knows. I love looking at her feet but mostly her ass. Damn its so round and perfect, and her b**** are also awesome. She once heard me taking a picture of her cause my dumbass forgot to put my phone on silence but she just looked at me and turned back. Also since were mexican we all carpooled after school and it would be crowded so she would sit on my lap and once i got hard while she was on and she would rub her ass in. She is perfect

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  • I’m pretty sure she’s not going to let you have s** with her. 1) she’s your cousin
    2) if she had any attraction to you, you would have caught on by now.
    I was lucky my cousin was 2 years older than me. 17 me 15 she stayed the summer. She touched me first then gave me my first b******. This continued all summer until the last week I was able to feel my first taste of p****. It was hard when she left having her suck me off all summer then she leaves. We are now much older and I am still attracted to her and I know she still has feelings for me.Even my wife has noticed how she always seems to show up to events I show up at.She is still gorgeous and fit which makes it so much more special

  • You need to start hammering that little b**** -- mercilessly -- like the s*** she is. Make her sorry she made you wait for it. Give us regular reports.

  • Some of the best s** I ever had came from my cousin, so I say go for it.

  • Yep mine waseight and so good

  • She is a girl, put her in bed as often as you want. It doesn't matter if she is your cousin or sister Take her and make sure you stay in her until you climax.

  • Same here man, I really wanted to f*** my cousin. She is so sweet, we're really close, she really understands me, and I her. I wish she wasn't related to me, if that's true, I could lick her p**** guilt free.

  • It doesn't change the fact that you're brother and sister. I hope it never happens. (:

  • He said cousin

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