Me and my wife was chatting one night while having a drink relaxing in the local pub , When my wife said I need to tell you something you won't like but give me a chance to tell you before you speak . She then continued to tell me that her boss had made things difficult at work for her , She said she loves her job the hours and the money but her boss makes lewd comments to her and touches her inappropriately . I said do you want me to have a word with him but she said no I would make things worse she would sort it . Has time went on i found my self intrigued with what he was saying to my wife and what he was touching on my wife . So I asked her at first she was hesitant until I promised her I was ok with it , Then she told me he would say that she had a nice arse and nice tits every opportunity he would grab them . One day she came home a little bit flushed I asked her if she was ok , My wife said No not really , I said tell me what's happened . She said the area manager was with her boss when she entered the office , Her boss was doing his usual thing when the area manager joined in . My wife then told me her boss said she's a tease showing her cleavage and legs , He then held her arms while the area manager undone her top to get a better look then hlked up her skirt to see her panties . I was angry I said you don't show your cleavage and legs what is he talking about , Then to my horror my wife admitted to me she changes at work and puts on a short skirt and a low cut top , I asked her why , She said she enjoyed the attention I said now look what's happened don't you regret what's happened . My wife said No I kinda wanted it too happen I said how far would you have let things go if they didn't stop there my wife said I dont know . She said she would never dress like that again and will behave , I'm not sure she feels different sometimes if you know what I mean .

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