Me and my wife was chatting one night while having a drink relaxing in the local pub , When my wife said I need to tell you something you won't like but give me a chance to tell you before you speak . She then continued to tell me that her boss had made things difficult at work for her , She said she loves her job the hours and the money but her boss makes lewd comments to her and touches her inappropriately . I said do you want me to have a word with him but she said no I would make things worse she would sort it . Has time went on i found my self intrigued with what he was saying to my wife and what he was touching on my wife . So I asked her at first she was hesitant until I promised her I was ok with it , Then she told me he would say that she had a nice a*** and nice t*** every opportunity he would grab them . One day she came home a little bit flushed I asked her if she was ok , My wife said No not really , I said tell me what's happened . She said the area manager was with her boss when she entered the office , Her boss was doing his usual thing when the area manager joined in . My wife then told me her boss said she's a tease showing her cleavage and legs , He then held her arms while the area manager undone her top to get a better look then hlked up her skirt to see her panties . I was angry I said you don't show your cleavage and legs what is he talking about , Then to my horror my wife admitted to me she changes at work and puts on a short skirt and a low cut top , I asked her why , She said she enjoyed the attention I said now look what's happened don't you regret what's happened . My wife said No I kinda wanted it too happen I said how far would you have let things go if they didn't stop there my wife said I dont know . She said she would never dress like that again and will behave , I'm not sure she feels different sometimes if you know what I mean .

Jul 30, 2018

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  • My wife has been f****** her boss for about 5 years now. I found out about it last XMas during Xmas party. Then came to find out she’s basically the office w****. She f**** all the guys there.

  • Why won't you let me leave a comment?

  • Your wife is a s***. Sorry if that sounds harsh mate, but you need to face facts

  • Your wife sounds like a slapper mate. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but you've got to face facts

  • You're wife sounds like a slapper mate. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but you need to face facts

  • You're wife sounds like a slapper mate. Sorry if that sounds harsh

  • Sounds like she enjoys the male attention at work and just wanted you to be aware of it. Very common for women to use s** appeal to advance their careers and relationship at work. As long as it doesn't go too far as, it will probably be harmless fun. My GF has a similar work environment...lots of sexy kidding around with her boss.

  • Why do you do this?

  • Hello this is craig again

  • Is this the reason why i have always cheated on my wife at every opportunity, to not look like a f****** idiot it anything happens although she has never given me any reason to doubt, you never know

  • What sort of s***** state/Country do you live in, that enables this sort of thing to happen in the workforce?

  • I agree

  • I think the OP is on the way out. She has moved on or the OP is in dream land wishing for something.

  • The boss is in charge now. He's her primary interest. And you are just something on the side. Get used to it. Your wife belongs to him now. And he is sharing her with the area manager. I've seen this before. I've lived it before, and I know how these things go. You are just there to help pay the bills. Do your job. Let her have her fun. Let her do that, because … you … can't … stop it.

  • She said they only pulled her skirt up and unbuttoned her top ,Do you think it went further and she's lying

  • Yes, I'm sorry to say that it went further than she said it did. I think it's been going on for quite some time, and she's just now decided to start brining you around to the idea of her having other relationships, doing so very slowly and deliberately. My belief is that she's deeply involved with both men, but particularly her immediate boss. I'm not saying they are in love; that is unlikely. But I think they are surely s** partners, becoming more so every day, and desiring each other more and more as time passes, and becoming more and more perverse in their appetites for one another. Does that mean she's "lying"? No. It means she's telling you a truth, an absolute truth, that was current some months ago, but is not today the entire story of her attraction to these two men, or the thrill that she experiences by arousing them and then serving them. You are not -- NOT -- going to be able to put a stop to it. Trust me. She can't stop it, because it's too exciting and too flattering, and because it is so utterly addictive, so you won't be able to stop it either. Please don't criticize her for these relationships, or threaten her with divorce: it won't help. Just go along with whatever she says, pretend that you believe it's all true (and current), remind her that you love her, and stay out of their relationship. She will come home when she can (i.e., when she's worn both of them out, or they have worn her out), and you will have a wonderful. wonderful marriage and a grand life together. Give her the flexibility and the freedom to do what she pleases (and for the men to enjoy her body to your detriment and exclusion), and she will love you even more for it. But if you try to take it away, you will lose her. Forever. Please don't do that. Please don't ever EVER do THAT!

  • And one other thing, and this will be even more painful and hard to accept than what I wrote above, so I'll apologize in advance. Sometime within the next few months, she is going to turn up pregnant. She will be excited, and she will tell you -- or allow you to assume -- that the child is yours. Accept that. Don't question it. And DO NOT EVER TEST IT. The child will not be yours. However, in most places, the husband of the mother is legally presumed to be the father of the child, so you will be the father. Be excited with her. Share in the thrill of the pregnancy. Put your name on the birth certificate, and live like you're convinced there is no doubt about paternity. She will want you to play along, and that is what you will do. Why? Because your wife is the kind of woman who deserves to be supported by one man while she is loving two or three (or more) others. Be proud that you are married to such a woman. To a woman who knows how to love and how to take care of men. You are lucky. Trust me. I know.

  • You f****** cuckold

  • The truth is she always wanted this to happen to her but as soon as she observed you didn't got turn on by her fantasy to be molested by other man. She started as a victim. It's really good she says she won't do it again but I am convinced. I am sorry to disappoint you

  • I have found sexy underwear and stockings in a shoe box , but that's gone now perhaps shes got rid , I'm not sure what to think

  • Yes, those were bought for her by the boss, on a shopping trip one night after work. He took her to the adult fashion store and stood with her in the dressing room while she tried them on in front of him. He stripped her and did her in the dressing room, and then he took her back to the office and did her again. And then he sent her home to you, filled with his sloppy seconds, and instructed her to let you f*** her, and slip your d*** into his juices, to show he owns you both. Next day, they made love while she described it to him. Yes, they are playing you. But you MUST permit it, and find a way to enjoy it, because you do love her and you do want what is best for her. Stay. And encourage and support her. Always.

  • I do love her , But I don't know how to handle it , And if I could come around to enjoy this situation , How could I what do I get out of it , Should I ask her if I can watch or join in help her in some way . Thank you for your honesty

  • I think if you begin to say to her that the thought of her let's say doing a threesome with the boss and area manager turns you on, she might slowly begin to reveal more to what really happened between them. That is if you're dying to know what really went down and how much more you didn't know. Or you can ask if she is interested in consensual non monogamy. Both of you would need to be genuinely into that to make that arrangement work. Needs clear boundaries and full transparency.

  • I need to know , I need to win her trust and confidence over so she will tell me everything , Also I would like to see her with them I don't know if I can handle it but what option do I have I love her shes the mother of my children .

  • I can help, before you put yourself through to much heart ache, I have a solution that will help!

  • Go on tell me

  • You say, you don't know how you will react, so how about you tell her, you want her to have s** on line; sexting or cyber s**, how you react to that will determine how you will react to her current boss situation, plus you will be in control, you can stop it when you want to!

    If she was truly in control she wouldn't be so coy, about her actions!

    Trust me I can help!!

  • I don't know much about s** on line sexting cyber s** explain , you can help , It sounds better for me

  • Sexting, is s** through texting, just talking about what you want each other to do and doing it.
    Cyber s** is a step further it involves a camera, so you can see each other while you perform s**.

    If you can live with these two you might be alright for further things to happen,
    I suggest start her with sexting

  • Sounds good

  • What time is your wife back from work? Does she work at the weekend?

  • 6ish - Saturday morning why

  • Then we could do some sexting, so you can start to see if you can handle the first step?

  • Ok tell me all about it , So I can talk to my wife to see if she's up for it

  • Explain you are curious about what happened at work, and how you want to support her, that you want to be involved.

    Tell her, you would like her to do some sexting,
    From there you bring her on to this site and I will start sexting her.

    Is there anything you can tell me about her; like her turn on's things she likes, things you might want me to get her to do?

  • I'll leave that to you , She likes it a bit rough sometimes tongueing photoed

  • So when is a good time?

  • She said 8.45 only for ten minutes she his off to keep fit

  • All right

  • Let me know when she is here!

  • Now , I'm leaving her alone

  • Hello I bet your heart is racing? Has your husband left?

  • Yes and yes

  • Good, we don't have to long would you like me to squeeze your t*TS?

  • Yes I'd like that

  • Then take of your top half of clothes and imagine I'm squeezing your t*TS and nipples! Does That feels good

  • Yes this is a bit strange but good

  • Imagine it's me, I'm kissing you all over, and squeezing you t*TS which are beuatiful! You are making me hard! Start stroking your p*ssy and imagine it's me! That feels good right!

  • Yes it does

  • Take off all your clothes now! And start rubbing your c*** and fingering your self and imagine it me with my hard c*** inside you! Now I hat feels really good!

  • Yes

  • Now keep doing it! And start getting louder! Saying f*CK me how does it feel!

  • It feels good , I'm going to be late im the driver

  • Keep going till you c**

  • I am nearly

  • Keep going my c**** hard for you I will cut in you!

  • I've come oh my God , I've got to go

  • So have I post me when you get back!

  • Ok what's your name

  • Craig yours

  • Hello are you there?

  • Yes but I'm tired my husband asleep

  • I bet your still h**** tho?

  • Yes a little

  • Is your husband in the room with you?

  • No , he's in bed I'm in the lounge

  • Im also in the lounge, Would you like it if I was there licking out your p*ssy?

  • Yes I would like that I think

  • What kind of knickers do you have on?
    Take them off and are you wet for me? I'm hard for you!

  • Black thong alittle

  • Thongs are sexy I would like you to wear sexy clothes all the time for me!
    gently rub your cl*t imagine it's me and I'm licking you, and squeeze your fantastic t*TS and bum, now does that feel good?

  • Yes , I have lots of sexy clothes

  • And you will wear them, each day for me!
    And how wet is your p*ssy now?

  • Yes I'm very close again it won't take long

  • Now I'm going to stick my hard c*** in you p*ssy and f*CK very hard!!

  • I'm finished , I badly need a wee my patio doors are open , I feel like going outside

  • Yes go out side and do it, let me know when you are back

  • Let me no when you come

  • I'm back I was naked in the garden

  • I Like it! I take it you enjoyed that a lot then?

  • Yes very much I feel like showing myself my neighbour is still up if I put a light on he would see me

  • Do it! It's very liberating tell me what happens?

  • I put the lamp on he looked across , I put it up brighter I can see him looking

  • Start playing with your self is the patio still open?

  • Yes , He has got binoculars I'm ahead of you I'm not going to last long

  • Give him the best view possible?

  • I think he has got a good view of me with the light on my face , I've come oh my God

  • Very good, how are you feeling?

  • Let me no when you come?

  • Disgusted with my self I live here what will he think , I can't look him in the face again He always watches me when I walk up the road to the shop

  • He thinks what he wants, you were enjoying your self he could have looked away, you were to much for him!
    Don't worry about him I've enjoyed this I know you have!

  • Ok , I'll see what happens goodnight

  • Goodnight, we can speak late tomorrow night if not give me time?

  • Yes tomorrow night if you want to do it again if you feel you enjoy this

  • Yes, and I know you do too! Need a time?

  • 10 ish

  • Sounds good to me until then, then! Xx

  • Hello have you been waiting?

  • This is craig

  • Sorry I fell asleep my husband is still sleeping

  • Where are you right now?

  • I'm in the lounge the doors are shut tonight

  • I bet you would like to f*CK me for real? I want f*ck you!

  • I think so

  • Wouldn't you like know what it feels like to have me inside you!?

  • I guess I would

  • Are you touching yourself right now?

  • Yes what do you want me to do I'm in the lounge with the light on again , next doors light is on

  • Do you want him to see?

  • Yes , He is there again watching me

  • Make sure he can see you completely naked, and play with your t*TS and p*ssy and tell me how much you want me!

  • I am naked and I do I have opened the doors he saved to me on my god

  • What's happened

  • He his waving I stood on the patio naked all but my high heels

  • Wave him over you are going to f*** him and keep telling me what is happening

  • He his by my fence now , I'm nervous I am standing in the doorway , I don't know what to do

  • Bend over let him take you by behind keep telling me what's happening

  • He his calling me over to him should I go ,what should I do this could be a mistake

  • Go let him f*** you from behind keep telling me

  • I'm going to meet him , I'll have to put this down otherwise he will think it's weird , should I do this

  • Yes but and I are going to very soon! Pretend he is me message me afterwards

  • What's happened tell all

  • Hello this is Craig

  • I went over to him then asked him what he wanted me for . He said a closer look then asked me what I was doing , I said you know what I was doing and you should not be peeping at me on my premises . He said sorry he was quite shy really then said don't tell my wife , That moment my husband shouted out for me my neighbour disappeared I went back in put my nighty back on then went back upstairs . Not very exciting im afraid .

  • I walked over to him and asked him what he wanted me for , He said he wanted a closer look at me . Then he asked me what I was doing i said you know what I was doing and you should not be peeping at me in my own premises . He said sorry he could not help himself he was quite shy then he said please don't tell my wife , Then my husband shouted for me , My neighbour then disappeared I went back in put my nighty back on then went back upstairs to bed . Not very interesting im afraid .

  • You need to be listed, Craig.

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