During s** my wife and i often talk about who else would she like to f***, one night she told me she would like to f*** my younger brother who was 20 at the time,

So we arranged to go out with my bro and his new girlfriend so we met them in town and we had drinks and danced the night away .

At the end of the night we went to the taxi stand and got a taxi for my brothers girlfriend as she lives with her parents as my brother lives with his & my mum but my wife and i have our own house .

I'm 14 years older then him and my wife is 10 years older than me.

We got in our taxi and my wife started kissing him and rubbing his c*** all the way home, so as I paid the taxi they continued in doors as i got in and found them in the lounge and my wife had him naked on our sofa and had removed her dress and was sucking his c*** with only her shoes on .

So lifted her ass and inserted my c*** in her after a while she stood up and told me she wanted him to f*** her.

As he did he came inside her and being a 20 year old his c*** was still hard and my wife jumped back on his c*** and rode the crap out of him c****** several times and the c** in her was coming out and was frothing into a white mess .

When she got up telling him the spare room was free , taking my hand as we went to our bedroom for me to f*** her, as we did she was telling me what it was like and i came in her pretty quickly. Her p**** was a mess with c** lol . In the morning she went to his room and f***** him again, the next night i was licking her p**** and I'm sure i could still smell c** inside her.

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  • My wife does not speak during s**. She totally controls our s** and she does not speak and she does not let me speak except to tell me when she is ready for me to o*****.

  • ^^you should try spicing up your s** life with something new^^

  • My wife sees s** as her obligation. She will tell me that I can have s** tonight. If she does not mention it, I am not allowed to ask. If I do ask then I will not get it for at least a week. She lies there stationary with her legs apart. I get myself hard and put on some lube. Then I push in gently as I can. She will grimace a bit because she does not really like it. I then start to hump. Then she will say I am ready for you to c**. If I don't c** within a short time she will say to c** soon or pull out. If that happens then it is usually another week before I will get another opportunity.

  • That's sort of like my wife. We met at church as teenagers and really bought into the wife should submit and the husband should lead thing. Ephesians 5. When we were first married she would say that it was her duty to give me s** whenever I wanted it and that it was selfish of her to enjoy it and that her having an o***** meant that she was thinking of herself selfishly and not concentrating on me her husband. We actually used to practice having s** with no foreplay and just with me initiating we will have s** now and with her not resisting and not orgasming. If she got aroused or orgasmed she would apologise. She would just lie there on her back I could kiss her, suck on her b****** and f*** her and she would totally just lie there. But oral and a*** were out because she would not do it. I actually got really bored with s**.

  • Wow. Would never marry a girl like that. You are missing out on good f****. Cheat.

  • How would you like if your wife would enjoy it, so you could even more?!

  • Yes. I'm bored with it and the whole thing is dying a slow death on numbness. That is why I distract my self surfing the net.

  • Well I can help get your wife to enjoy s** with and not feel guilty about it in fact she will open up more and be glad of it!

  • ^^ I can definitely help you in your situation!^^

  • Poor b******!

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