Girlfriends daughter

I recently got back with a girlfriend from 30 years ago. Her daughter (18) is a spoilt brat and is making are relationship complicated. My GF decided that the 3 of us should go away for the weekend to try and smooth things out. The daughter is hot, like the Mum, Patsy Kensit type. On the trip I noticed she was flirting with me, I played along but thing started getting weird, she started putting her hand on my leg, a bit too far up, leaning over to reach her Mobil and rubbing here tities things like that. I couple of times started getting hard. The second day we went rafting and hiking. My GF was tired and went for a rest the daughter and I went to for a swim at the indoor pool. She was wearing a skimpy g string and bikini top, she stayed close to me all the time brushing past, it was hard not to look at here and not get hard. When we got back to the room, we had a suite with to separate rooms, she call me to here room to help here untie here bikini top, because it had noted up. My GF was sleeping so I went. When I was untying she started push her ass against my crotch, I was already half hard and my swim short weren’t much help and covering, before I knew it my c*** was in her mouth she was sucking me like a pro, I tried to resist but I wanted it so much, I wanted to f*** her like a h***. I pulled her up a rip the g string off and rammed my d*** into her, like a punishment, her legs were open wide, I could feel my b**** banging into her, p**** juice everywhere. I was ramming here like a jack hammer, I put her on all fours and fingered her ass, she like it. I came inside her.
Then I went back to my GFs room and she gave me a b*******. Since then I’ve f*** her on and off, I beginning to think my GF knows, At least we get on now.

Aug 4, 2018

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  • If you both have a child together, start from young

  • I dated this girl in high school we kept in touch over the years meeting her husband and daughters. The two of us had a really good sexual connection and had hooked up cheating on her husband over the years. Her oldest daughter called me one night she was 19 years old at the time. She said I found your number on my moms phone and was wondering how your doing. It was strange I’ve knew her since she was a baby seeing her over the years. But never knew her like in a way to just call and talk to me ever I said I was fine. We talked she was flirty and saying she was allot older now giving hints. It was awkward we talked for about an hours. I had to go to bed and the next day she had friended me on Facebook. I accepted and we started messaging for a few days. She said she missed me and wanted to meet for dinner and hang out. I said sure telling her I think her parents might freak she reminded me she’s an adult. Ok figured why not we met at a restaurant and ended up back at my place where we had a few drinks. We began kissing and her hand was all over my c*** I didn’t stop her she said omg my mom was right. Telling me when her mom got mad at her dad who the two was long divorced got in fights she teased him how my c*** was twice his size. I pounded her p**** hard as she wanted to know what was so amazing about my c***. The two of us have been married for 6 years her mom my ex has finally got Over hating me lol.

  • Please be more brutal next time.

  • Don't fool yourself, I am sure your girlfriend noticed her daughter wanted you, and she wasn't going to stop until she got what she wanted ( You said this 18 year old girl was a spoiled brat. ). Your girlfriend wanted to solve the problems that you three were having, She knew what was going to happen sooner or later, - So she wanted this trip to get the three of you away from everyone that knows you. After your rafting and hiking trip your girlfriend had the perfect excuse to let the two of you be alone so her daughter could get what she wanted. ( You in bed! ). Since you say things are better between the three of you - Your girlfriend did the correct thing. You also did the right thing - Keep working your girlfriend's daughter - But never let your girlfriend know that you are f*****g her daughter. Even if she knows you are cheating on her, Do not admit to it. If everyone is getting along then that tells you that you are doing the right thing.

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