I went camping with a group of friends last weekend, I got up at like 5:00 am to go pee and on my way back I heard noises in the tent two down from me. The sun was just starting to come up and I decided to peek in the vent window...Best decision of my life.
I sneaked up to the tent and could hear whispering and heavy breathing so realizing that it was my friends younger sisters tent I thought I might get to see her getting railed but I got to see something way better. I leaned over and peeked in, My friends sister Hadley and her friend Melanie were laying on an inflatable mattress facing opposite directions with their legs crossed over each other and fingering each other.
The whole thing honestly looked totally uncomfortable but they looked like they were way more concerned with each other than being comfortable, I couldn't believe my eyes, Hadley is absolutely gorgeous and Melanie is super hot as well, Hadley is short, Brunette and has huge boobs and a beautiful face. Melanie is a few inches taller, with her hair dyed blue, Also pretty big boobs and is also quite good looking but Hadley has always been a bit of a fantasy girl for me. Obviously I was enjoying the show when suddenly Hadley who was facing my direction looked up and gasped, I panicked but before I could disappear she was out the door and met me in front of the tent, She drug me inside and started to freak out on me but whispering so no one else would hear.
I apologized and Melanie was so embarrassed she was starting to cry a bit even after I promised never to tell anyone, Hadley was holding Melanie and Hadley looked at me then at Melanie and and said "If you promise NEVER to tell anyone you can fuck me", I was shocked and surprised but instantly said "Ok", Hadley kissed Melanie and then turned to me and said "Well...?". I dropped my sweats and Hadley looked at my cock then at Melanie and smiled saying "Hmmm, Thick" and wasted no time, She wrapped her hand around it then started sucking me. Melanie laid back and had her blanket pulled down showing her tits, Big, Round and pale pink nipples.
Hadley was sucking me while I watched Melanie rub herself under the blanket and play with her nipples.
Hadley pulled back and laid on the mattress while I knelt between her legs, I started licking her and Melanie laid sideways to Hadley with her face close to mine watching me, I lifted my head and tried to kiss her but she pulled back and put her hand on my head pushing my face back into Hadley's pussy, I kept licking her and watching Melanie as she started kissing Hadley and sucking her nipples, Hadley whispered "Oh god...Come here and fuck me". I got on my knees and Melanie grabbed my shaft rubbing my knob on Hadley's clit then shoved my cock in Hadley, I was fucking her nice and slow when Melanie whispered in my ear "Fuck her harder" So I sped up a bit and Melanie kept whispering "Fuck her harder...Harder...Harder" until I was pounding Hadley as fast as I could. Melanie straddled Hadley's face and Hadley started licking her as they grabbed each others tits and touched each other all over, I couldn't hold out and whispered "I'm gonna cum", Melanie leaned back and spread her pussy lips whispering "cum here", Hadley was still licking Melanie as I pulled out of her and shoved my dick in Melanie. Melanie's eyes got wide a she moaned "Whoaally fuck", I kissed her and squeezed her tits as I blew my load in her and she just kept moaning "oh my god, Oh my god", I stroked in and out probably a dozen times and Hadley was rubbing her pussy.
We all came at about the same time with my dick in Melanie, Hadley rubbing her pussy and Melanie coming on my cock, Hadley was licking Melanie and me at the same time while my come was dripping all over her face and Melanie was grinding her hips on Hadley's face and my cock, Hadley was in a frenzy licking and sucking and grabbing us both pulling us down to her face as Melanie tried to pull away after coming, Melanie had her head on my shoulder and whispered "take your dick out of me", I pulled it out and she knelt above Hadley's head as Hadley grabbed my limp dick and sucked it clean.
I collapsed beside Mealnie and Hadley crawled on top of her kissing her and asking if she was ok, I looked at Melanie and she looked at me, Hadley looked at Melanie and said "What was that", Melanie scoffed and said "Um...Yeah...Not at all what I meant" punching me, I choked and said "what?". Melanie said "Umm...You were supposed to come ON me not put your dick IN me", I looked at her and said "oh...Um..." and Hadley whispered "Yeah...Um...She's a virgin...Well...Was" and Melanie just sighed and looked at Hadley.
We all laid there under the covers and giggled kissing and groping a bit when Hadley realized I was hard again and looked at Melanie saying "Wanna do some more?", Melanie Nodded and before anyone could say anything I had my dick back in her, Her eyes were rolling back and she looked like she was dozing off while I gently fucked her and Hadley started licking us both from behind, Hadley laid beside Melanie kissing her and sucking her nips talking dirty to her and Melanie moaned "Oh yeah...I see why you like this", Melanie started lifting her hips and then started shaking as she moaned and came.
Melanie pushed me back and pulled my dick out of her saying "Oh god stop, Stop, Stop", Hadley pulled me on top of her and I fucked her until I said I was gonna come again, Hadley started bucking her hips and moaned that she was coming. I pulled out and came on Hadley's perfect tits and Melanie licked my come and massaged it all over Hadleys chest. Again we all laid there for a few minutes before Hadley said "Ok...You gotta go...We need to talk" and rushed me out of the tent.
I went back to my tent and laid there thinking about what had just happened, Hadley called me this morning, Her parents are away and she wants me to come over tonight to her place and "talk", should be interesting.

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