Just a Tuesday night.

My husband and I were out at a bar the other night and met up with one of my old college room mates, We ended up bringing her back to our place and had s** with her, She is a small girl in every aspect and my husband is a very large guy, The next morning I woke up next to her and my husband was missing, I asked if he was good (meaning mentally) and she looked at me and said "I don't think so", I said "What's wrong", She looked around and whispered to me "I think your husband broke my v*****", I giggled a little and she said "For real, Ugh, I am sore".
She pulled the blankets back and I couldn't help myself, I reached over and touched her and she winced, I remembered that feeling from my first dozen times with him, About 10 minutes later he walked in on me with my head between her thighs softly licking and kissing her p****, He f***** me from behind while I did and barley held out till I came then pulled out and came in her mouth, She barely got it swallowed and came with me licking her p**** and him still rubbing his d*** on her face.
Me and her were exhausted, He went to the patio and had coffee while me and her spooned and drifted off to sleep for a while longer. She went home in the afternoon and we had a big discussion, He says she is quite possibly the most beautiful Asian girl he has seen and wants to have her join us in a more....Permanent fashion which I think I would actually enjoy.

16 days

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  • If he continues to f*** her, as you know she will get comfortable with his size
    just as you have. Then the three of you can d*** f**** and s*** your brains out.

  • Fantasy???

  • Awesome story... keep it going

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