Where did this come from?

My wife has always been reasonably vanilla in bed, She ha always like places, Positions etc. but never really anything too wild, A little bit of of butt stuff, like a finger or licking but that's all and NEVER another person, EVER. So when she rolled over in bed and said she wanted to have a 3 way I almost had a cardiac arrest.
She said "Ok, Just don't talk right now, Let me explain". I sat up in bed and listened intently and she explained that she had never done it, Never really wanted to but after the passing of a close friend she for some reason decided it was time, I am 43 and she is 40, We have 4 kids and she is not super proud of her body but she has been changing lately, In the last 4-5 years she started rocking bikini's and a little bit tighter clothes, Slightly more revealing clothes and has taken on a more "If you don't like it don't look at it" attitude which is great because I think she is a beautiful woman and always wanted her to flaunt it a bit more.
Anyway I am wandering here a bit so she said she wanted to try it one time in her life and had put a lot of thought into who/when/where and had someone picked out, She is a super planner, Everything has to be planned to the last detail and this was no different, She must have spent half an hour or more just detailing what and how she wanted everything and and then I said "And you have someone picked out already?", She said "Oh, We discussed it between us and it's a done deal", About that time my eyes almost popped out of my head and I said "Uh...Excuse me, You discussed this with them and didn't talk to me first?". At this point I don't know why but I had been thinking MFM would be her preference and was what we were discussing and then she said "Really?, I didn't think I needed to and I wanted to make sure Jessie was onboard before I brought anything up to you".
Ok, So...The name Jessie almost made me blow my load in the bed, I managed to hold it together well I think and I just nodded my head and then said "Ok, Makes sense", She looked at me and said "Makes sense? Did you come already?", I chuckled and said "What?", She said "Don't even, I already know, Look, I can see your b**** under the blankets", She rolled over and straddled me, Grabbed my c*** and lid down on it, She moaned and said "Ooohhh, You like this idea don't you?", I nodded and we had probably the best s** we have had in a looong time, 12 days later I got home from work, Kid were gone, Wife was gone, No one home, I had no idea what was going on but figured she took them to get something or was out visiting a friend and took the kids, I went and mixed a drink, Sat on the deck for a bit and drank it then went and showered, While in was in the shower I heard the bathroom door open and heard my wife say "Hey hun, I'm back" and then closed the door before I could ask where she had been.
Assuming her and the kids were back I got out and got dressed then came out of the bathroom into the bedroom and walked smack dab into my wife and her friend Jessie sitting on the bed, Jessie is...Yeah, She is something, She is not your typical hot girl, Shes a 37 year old mom of 3 with fake b***, Dyed blonde hair and a...Mom bod but something about her gets me right in the groin and my wife knows that, She has been divorced for 2 years and dated a little at first but is on a sabatical from dating, Very pretty eyes and I like her body, A little different than my wife's but nice.
My wife asked me to come sit between them and I did, She had the lights dimmed and we got Started, They leaned across me and kissed in front of me, yada, yada, Pants undone, C*** out and Jessie cleared her throat and whispered "Oh geezus" so apparently she was in approval. My wife was licking my nipples as I watched jessie slide her pink lips over my k*** and my wife slid up and whispered in my ear "Don't c** in Jessies mouth, You know where I want that", It wasn't easy to hold out for the end I knew she wanted but I also knew that if I did it would make the chances of anything like this ever happening again higher. Jessie rode me, My wife sat on my face, They switched and I held Jessies wide hips as she lowered her pretty little pink p**** onto my face, I gave Jessie a little extra attention by spreading her cheeks and licking her little butt hole and She is a...Big c*****, Like when she moaned and started to shake she wanted to get off my face but I held her there and she came pretty hard which was surprising but I loved it, Not a flood but very wet, I had my tongue in the back and I could feel my wife rubbing Jessies p**** and I knew they were kissing.
Jessie laid down and I flipped my wife onto her back and started f****** her hard, She asked me to slow down so I did and she wrapped her legs around my waist and moaned loudly as Jessie joined and sucked one of her nipples. My wife needed a little recovery time ad Jessie was ready to go again so me and her had a little session together and then my wife joined back in, My wife took a position on top of Jessie and I di her from behind, She worked her way down Jessies body as I backed up and finally the one thing I have always wanted to watch happened, I leaned over her and watched her spread Jessies p**** lips and lean in licking her p****.
My wife licked her slow and sensual so I matched her pace and Jessie was getting pretty worked up, That's when my wife went for the finish, She worked her and Jessie into a 6-9 and my wife was on the bottom, You betchyer sweet ass I made sure to watch both of them, I did my wife first, In and out of her and into Jessies mouth and the switched, My wife underneath Jessies beautiful, Round ass, licking her p**** as I slid into her, Licking my b**** and Jessie at the same time, I stroked Jessie and when I was ready I pulled out, Came all over Jessies ass and p**** and my wife's face, My wife started moaning, Grabbed Jessies hips and just buried her face in her, I sat on my knees and watched my wife c**, While Jessie came and my wife licked my c** off Jessies p****.
We all collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed, Jessie actually dozed off as we laid there and she made a little snoring sound which made my wife look at Jessie and then at me, We smiled at each other and all dozed off while I watched Jessie and my wife cuddle. My life is complete, I can go any time now lord as I doubt this can ever be topped.

21 days

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