Dirty camp experience.

We were on the camping with my friend. Just two guys in the tent.

It was near the coast and since nights where cold - being a wimp I was usually for night wearing my compression running tights (skins). Very tight.

My friend did not comment it but for him even long johns are not manly so I was probably in his eyes total sissy. Ehhh.. ;-)

One night was one of those wet boys nights. I awaken in my sleeping bag with my b**** poking madly in tights. I had no chance for quick leaving the tent. I did not even try I was lying there helplessly for a second surrendering to my fate until I exploded messing up my tights. Strength went back to me while down there I felt wet and sticky. I slipped out of my tights and dressed in my sweat pants and went to bathroom. Not feeling very nice.

Btw I had for a second this stupid idea since it's nearly still night to just go wearing nothing but those tights. Well there was woman cleaning the bathrooms. I don't even want to know how this would end ;-).

So i cleaned my d*** and for now I decided to just dump the tights with my other *dirty* cloths. I had to wash them thou...

So at midnight I went to wash those tights and chose few more other cloths to not get my friend suspicious. I was trying to avoid him coming with me but he decided to join me for time killing so I did not refuse him. The only place to wash the cloths seemed like taps for cleaning dishes. I picked one and hoped it's least used. I was going to wash my sperm form those tights al thou chance small amounts of it would end up on someone dish while he would clean it in same sink where like 1 to million. I was still feeling very dirty inside for doing it.

While my friend was wandering around I was trying to catch moment he was looking not in my direction. So he will not see I was giving so much attention for cleaning the groin area of those damn tights. I was praying that when they will start drying there won't be leave a white transparent spot on crotch.

Hopefully they did not.

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  • Has anyone got a cipher I can use? I need to decode this confession into English

  • I wish I was a teen again. Wet dreams seemed such a worry and now I am older they are just a memory. I used to wake up as I came with c** spurting up onto my chest and leaving my pyjamas wet and sticky. I started to wear undies to bed with my d*** tucked in pointing backwards to stop getting an erection.

  • I still get wet dreams a lot, or i wake up right on the edge and can't resist finishing. The thing is I also still wet the bed sometimes and I feel like going back to sleep with the front of my underwear wet and slick is part of why I end up peeing in the bed. I feel guilty when I m********* in my underwear before I fall asleep at night because I feel like I'm more likely to have an accident, but then, I guess it's pretty juvenile and irresponsible to keep jerking off in my underwear too.

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