A guy who fell in love with spandex.

I started running in tights few years ago. At start I was embarrassed but now I love running in tights and would never run in anything else.
I think I even developed slight fetish for spandex tights. Anyway....

I don't use shorts when I run in running tights. My bulge and ass are perfectly visible due to very tight compression tights I wear.
Most times I have no erections and since I am grower not a shower the bulge is really tiny. The tights material is so tight the erections instead of normal 16cm can reach max 10cm. Now this is super embarrassing and i prefer to have no erections at all and be nearly flat there instead to get the dude with micro p**** effect. The only way to get close to ~15cm is to pull down foreskin. And this is the only way to make people look. I did few experiments but in the end I don't want the attention when I run. So yeah either you are big down there or you have a baby p**** no one will give too much attention.

Now with ass it's a bit different. I often catch people man and woman staring at it. I don't have manly build. Slim guy rather chicken, I was even few times in this running outfit mistaken to be a woman. One guy tried to hit on me until he saw my face. once someone wolf-whistled. Those situations are sooo f****** embarrassing. I am totally pure boy on that end and just thinking someone is perving on my ass in spandex is sooo UGHHH...

Since I am slim and don't look like any threat rarely (literally one time on a year ) I will hear someone calling me gay or f*****. One dude even thought I am following him ( just happened to run the direction he went off after insulting me ) and started running away ( was just going to ask what is his problem ).

Also running extremely increases libido. I can sometimes have a h****** for hours after running. Once I went for a nap after running (did not even change cloths ) and I ended up having a wet dream. I kind of awake second before you know what.. So all I could to is acknowledge I just exploded with sperm in my running tights. Also on normal runs I leak sperm. Some times I don't even have a h****** but I feel h**** and a tiny sticky white dot appears on top of my p**** bulge. This is really a nightmare but happens very rarely. Some times while running I will feel so much aroused I nearly want to just go to bushes and m*********.

I am very glad to my running hobby because I was thanks to it introduced to man spandex and compression cloths. Now i own things, knee socks, leggings, compression shirts, shorts tights and even compression stockings - all made for male. I love wearing those for training or sometimes when I get muscles sores I wear regeneration compression. I would recommend every guy try them. You don't need to openly wear them but this stuff is really comfortable. For example I often wear stockings in winter when I am out for longer time. They are perfect since tights can in doors sometimes overheat your b****. So I can still use cotton underwear. It's funny since most people think I have high cold resistance but the truth is I am rather wimp when it comes to cold. They just have no idea about the stockings/tights part. Even one time in job overheard when guys where joking that long johns are for the femguys. They would probably think I'm gay if they saw my underwear choices ;-))). Anyway now I actually feel manly in those cloths, much oposite when I was starting to wear them.

I would also advice to be careful with your testicles when using very tight compression. They have no place to hide when they are in tight lycra and even a minor delicate hit can drop you to knees. Once running I smacked a fly that simply landed near groin are and it really hurt. Other time cat simply while running around when I was lying stomped on them. I was whimpering good 10 minutes nearly crying from pain. Felt a bit humiliating...

Also I confess that there was once time I did m********* to my knee socks but that time is over and I don't have any-more this problem.
Sometimes those tight cloths a bit arouse me but it goes away quite fast.

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  • I love spandex too but I like women spandex. The fabric feels amazing I love the colors and the cute designs. Lululemon , Nike , underarmour my favorites.

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