Cannot stop thinking of getting very fat with my wife

I want the two of us to eat and grow into to very fat and flabby people. Big fat hanging guts, fat flabby arms and huge thighs ona woman drive me nuts. Big man gut hanging over my belt buckle has always been my dream

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  • How much do both of you weigh now?

  • I love it when I see fat couples. I want to become one someday, but I'm still skinny. So I need to decide between finding someone skinny who wants to get fat together or fat woman eager to help me catch up to the big leagues. Both could be lovely.
    Although, I imagine if a fat woman decides to fatten you up, she probably won't be changing her mind.

  • It's an old school commitment-based relationship. You know you all are in it for the long haul, so you kick back, relax, enjoy dinners together, let yourselves go, and grow big with love.

  • Did you make it happen!? How much do both of uou weigh now?

  • If you can get her on board then go for it! My wife and I are both well over 300lbs and it's amazing! S** is getting harder, but damn all this flab feels good.

  • Each to their own. I like skinny and I like the feeling I get when I starve my gf. She is nice and bony.

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