Big fat belly

I want my belly to become enormous. It’s only about 55 inches round now and at 6’3” I don’t feel very fat at all. I need a good woman to encourage me, feed me, massage me and enjoy the s** as a result. I prefer big women as well but mostly want someone to pay attention to my belly and ensure it grows as big as she wants.

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  • I’m a lot shorter than you but have always wanted to get fat. I have a professional job but when I retire I want to give into my desire and put on huge beer gut. I want former clients of mine commenting on my distended paunch

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  • Disregard the trolls. You are not alone in feeling this way. We ALL are different and have different desires. Live and let live

  • It’s not about trolls it’s just stupid

  • Shut up dumbass you're just a loser

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  • Me too fat lady from india
    Interesting in tummy trample

  • U from

  • India

  • Move to America. You will fit right in.

  • Boy you have that right! Friggon disgusting. I dread going into any Wal Mart.

  • Yes, and I also dread being around stupid people. But there you are, you and all the mouth-breathers like you. So learn to live with it, the way I have!

  • Stupid stupid stupid nobody cares

  • Ha ha ha I'm laughin" about this.

  • I'm laughin' at the thought

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