Ok, she knows. What now?

Back b4 shcool started up again i went got a tattoo on my mound.my mom saw it last night andshe s***.its not coming off. she cant do nothing about it now right.

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  • How did your mother see it ?

  • She walked into the bathroom to put away towels just when i was got out of the shower and she saw it b4 i could hide. she s***.

  • You seem like a good person. Canvi isk you a?. Why on your v***** baby girl. Im not judgeing by the way hugs xxxx

  • Its not right on my v.....its about a half inch above the top of my lips/clitty and then there is a short space there. sexy or i think so anyways. thanks for being nice.not every body is. :)

  • A you poor baby girl dont listen too the negative hun. I wish i could hug you xxx

  • You sound hot as s***. Do any of your teachers at school try to hook up with you? Males? Females? Both?

  • Some of both of them have tried but the one time i went with it the whole thing turned out bad so i don't do that no more. it was just so awkward when i wanted to stop and she didnt want to.

  • You ok hun...

  • Yes i am fine thank you for asking. the teacher still comes after me. says she loves me. wants to get back together. or at least to hook up sometimes. she likes the way i fling but shes too serious for me at this place of my life. i think you understand for sure. i can tell. maybe you even had a girl like me a few times.

  • Im a little older than you hun. But i can understand were your comeing from...

  • Did you have a relationship with a teacher? do you think i should go back to her? she has great puss and she f**** like a dream. should i start up with her again? we had reeeeeeally hot s** its just she didnt want me playing with men. but i could do both and i could make her sub. i can totally work her..... what do you think???

  • Guy f*cking his girlfriends daughter, Make her sub! I'm into doing that! And I really want shove my big c*ck in to your shaven p*ssy with angel wings let's do this!!

  • My angel wings have got real popular even tho i have had them only about for 1 month so far. guys and girls both want to see them and some even want to kiss them all up! i may go back to the teacherwho was my gf and ask her if she wants to see them and kiss them all up!! once you got me started to thinking about her it started me to think of her s**...……..shes a yummy yummy girl...…..

  • Went over to that teachers room today after school to get with her but she was already gone.not worried.i will get her tomorrow. you made me think about her p**** again and now......i want it again....and i will start getting it again......thanks.....

  • Now you have started to get her back, we need toilet up! Where do you live USA?

  • How old are you...

  • My wife cought our thirteen year old daughter with a tatoo only yesterday. Shes grounded and for two weeks and early bedtime for next two weeks also with a spanked bum before bed each evening. She is one sorry little girl..

  • ^^is this the original poster?^^

  • If you like it, don't worry about it.

  • Ikr? i did it too but i was only brave enough to get one on my lower back. i wish i could be like you are! ygg!!! jealous!!!!!!!!!!

  • How old are you?

  • Old enough to f***, but not old enough to get a tat even with a fake ID (had to get a man to pretend to be my dad to sign for me). is that insane?

  • So sixteen and i guarantee if you were my daughter you would not have got one missy.!

  • Wow responding to a independent female like that? ^^ if i was your daughter i'd b**** slap you and leave. and thats coming from a 16 year old, mother f*****

  • ^^ you know what you like! And I like it I'm the guy f****** my girlfriends daughter!^^

  • You got that madam...

  • Dont think you would little madam. Were im from your not too old too be spanked and it is what you would get...

  • Sorry butthats not me...… :(

  • Sorry so hun...

  • Tat sounds cool. mom cant control you forever.

  • You got that just right dude!i'm the boss not that b****!

  • Yep you're stuck with it genius.

  • Yah its notcoming off right.my mom will just have to deal with it. thats what she always said to mewhen i was growingup ..... 'just fuckingdeal with it kari'......so now SHE willjust have to deal with it. LOL

  • What is a tat of?

  • Iits a pair of angelwings seen from the back and they look like they are starting to fold togetherand fit into my insides.the idea is that the place their fittinginto is heaven. and on me it totally is heaven.thats what everybody says about that.

  • What does it look like when your lips are fully open?

  • Actually, with the cuntlips wide open it looks a little like a butterfly with the tat wings on top and the puss lips on bottom. very pretty. very sexy.

  • When the lips are open guys aren't looking much at the tat! LOL. seriously tho.........its not as sexy but its still cool. it justlooks like regular wings but makes itlook like my honey pot is gonna fly away! ya betta ketchit!!

  • You must keep it well shaven? What does it look like when it's wet/?

  • No i wax instead and have been doing that forever!! much better and smoother like it belongs to an even younger girl then me (let me tell you men LOVE thatshit!!!) and if you keep doing it thehair might eventually stop growning! oh....and when its wet it looks...…….hungry...… :)

  • I bet you have amazing t*ts as well?
    How do you feed your p*ssy when she is hungry?
    Would you like to get one back at your mom?

  • Thats nice to say about my b**** but i am sorry to disappoint you. i only have a small "c" cup. I've thought for a long time to get augments but i just dont getthe money. i told one guy i used to date that i wanted "dd" or even "e" or "f"just because i love to see big ones and i would love having them on me even more. but he was kinda skeevy and pervy and i didnt like the way he talked about getting them for me.it was like he was going to own my t*** and maybe own mejust bcoz he paid for them. i said no thanks. i mean i was nice to him because he had a lot of money and he bought me nice things all the time but i wastnt going to let him think he owned me or come go for a ride whenever he wanted it. i always make it clear that the hookups only happen when i say they happen. how to feed the kitty? the kitty cat gets fed with my d**** collection and my jackrabbits (sometime thats all thats available right?) but she loves real meat and so sometime i go for a lover and every so often i go out looking good and let myself get picked up (married men get the priority). and YES i would like to get back at mom! tell me everything about how you think its best! everything!

  • I am married and how would she feel if I walked through the door as you boyfriend?
    Or I could date her, cast a side and pick you! And then she would truly know you are the real hotness

  • I love the idea of dating and f****** and dumping my mom. she would be destroyed but i would love it when you got out of her bed and came to mine and stayed there. so wicked! i love wicked!

  • Well it just might be mom isn't on board with her daughters goods being advertised as open for business. Go figure?

  • Yah i think thats right.she has hated my sexuality ever since i started and has tried to keep me down but it dont never work with me.when i get sexed up i go get hooked up no stopping that. men just know. they just know.

  • You sound to know what you like, you are in tune with your s*X I think you are right she must be jealous or something!

  • OMMFG! i never even thought of what yousaid before! i just thought she was always beingjust mean andbossing me like a bitchass! but i never even thought that she mighth be jealous! i think your right! i think that's just it! OMMFG!! shes jealous bcoz i get so much d*** and she gets like none.ever since my dad left her shehas had 3 differnt guys live with us here butthey all evntually left for realy young women like my dad did. she knows i get a lot of d*** and most of it is from men her age or even older and so i think you are right: shes just so jealous!!! THANK YOU!!!! now that i knowhat up i'm going to use that and use it to get my way over her!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • She is definitely jealous, I bet her boyfriends only went out with her, because of you!
    By the sounds of it, men want you all the time not her! That's why I'm with my girlfriend, because of the much hotter daughter!!

  • Yeh men do want me more. all of them. but enough about me. tell me about this thing you have goingwith the mother-daughter combo you filthy sexy hot m***********!!!!! g******! i love the way you throw that d*** around. not many men can pull that! you must have females of all ages climbing on you andbeging to get on and get off! tell it all m***********! tell every bit of it! dont you hold it in. you TELL IT! ooooh you dirty bigdick m***********! i bet all the women totaly love you! so so so so hot!

  • Yes they do, coz I've have a very nice c*ck,
    I was working the night shift and my girlfriend was showing me her holiday pics, and her daughter was in her tight bikini so I knew I was having her I started dating her, and as at my first chance transferred to days, so now I f*ck her daughter all night while she works! Ha ha!
    We have done more than I ever have with her mom.
    She is going work at 6 and I will be banging her daughter!!!
    I know you want some of me too!

  • Oh mother of god! you are such a f****** MAN!! i love that!!! yes some of it is that you have pulled down the mother-daughter thing and that you did it as soon as you knew about the daughter: about 0.0001% of men are capable of that. and you are their king. but mostly its bcuz you got the daughter so hungry for it that she gives it to you every night. EVERY NIGHT! (do you f*** her in the mother's bed, or in her bed, or do you switch off??!? do you already have her come begging to you for it????) and you are getting her to give you s** in ways that the mother doesnt or cant or wont!! i reeeeeeally love that s***! OMMFG you have to tell more about how you and this girl are in this relationship! do i want that big thick heavy thing in your pants? who wouldnt i mean come on! and im going to ask bcuz i have to know: does your c** spray into/onto a girl like a f****** firehose?????!!??? i bet it does. i bet you have known forever that you make more cream than probly 9-10 men all put together! just the thought of you filling that daughter up with your meat and then your cream makes ME cream!!!! you are a bad man and all girls love bad men expecially big-d*** bad men!! Yummm!!

  • Right then you and me! Do you want my c*ck!?

  • Yesyesyes. describe it to me tell me everything. and then tell me what how you used it on the mother-daughter.tell e every filthy thing you did to those b******. do you do them at the same time??!

  • Not quite at same time but I think the mother definitely knows! After I settled in with the daughter, s*X wise, I messaged the daughter to come in our room, telling us there was a spider in her room, and she was scared I went into her room, which is next to her moms and wasted no time having s*with her.
    I told her to be loud and shout out things like its SO BIG! and PLEASE!
    Her mom came to door after 30 mins or so asking if everything was alright, I was sweating and had no clothes on only showing g my top half round the door,
    I told this could take some time.
    After another hour I went back out room she had clearly been crying and said what was I doing in there I roughly said getting rid of a spider, why don't you trust me?
    She said yes, so I said I'm h**** and stuck my c*ck in her mouth after it had been in daughters ass!
    Now! I want to f*** you talk dirty to me!

  • Age off her daughter?

  • Who's asking?

  • Somebody that has my girlfriends daughter tease me all the time..

  • Then just f*ck her she is bound to be hotter than the mom!!

  • Shes not even 12..

  • You say she is teasing you, it's only teasing if you want to do something!!

  • Trust me she knows what she is at. Im tempted too do something..

  • Like what?

  • Only does it when her moms not around. Like sit oppisete me and open and close her legs. With or without panties. Rubb herself in front off me. Come sit on my lap alot without panties and alot more..

  • So what are you tempted to do?

  • Give her a little feel. I know if i told her mom. She would be spanked and grounded..

  • You've not told her mom because you want too, and personally I think you have already touched haven't you?

  • ? Well

  • Not yet and im tempted too. How old was your ones daughter..

  • Twenty yo

  • Nice and i have descided to tell her mom..

  • What if she does not believe you? Or daughter says you touched her? Plus why it took so long to tell and you where tempted?

  • Trust me she will beleave me and i will get her too keep eye on her daughter before she says anything to her..

  • What an amazing switch, now you want her mom to see what she was up to! Yet less than 20 minutes ago you said not yet as if to imply it is something that is to happen!?
    Your temptation completely left you then?

  • Off corse not. But i wont do anything..

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