Mother and step father

When my mother and stepdad went to visit my stepdads parents they had a video playing ( i think it was the pig keepers daughter) they didn't switch it off , and it played right through until the end and i had an erection and my mother knew i had.

And my mother told everyone telling me to stand up so everyone could see, with tears in my eyes my mother undone my trousers and pulled them down revealing my erection in my pants.

My mother pulled my erect p**** from my pants that was when my step nan reached out to grab my p**** by her finger and thumb and pulled me towards her litter one of her hands on my a*** while pushing my foreskin right back offering my mother my p**** which she started to suck as my step nan pulled my foreskin back until my whole p**** was in my mothers mouth.

My stepdad and step grandfather looked on watching us ,

They laid me on the sofa each inturn sucking me off , i had come in my mothers mouth . But being a young man my erection stayed as they wakned and sucked me off until i had to lift my knees up as my p**** became so sensitive it was painful.

That's when my stepdad and step grandfather pinned me down flat and my mother and step nan wakned me off until my p**** became numb and i came again .

Aug 26, 2018

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