Exposing myself to my mother in law

When my mother in law comes to our house I like to get naked and put on my bathrobe and sit down in front of my mother in law and let her see my hard p****. she 88 years old. and she just looks at it and when I see her looking at it it makes it harder.
she never tells my wife (probably) because she doesn't want my wife and i to have a fight. So I take advantage of her silence and just show her my erection when my wife is not around. sometimes when we go out in the car my wife drives my mother inlaw sits in the front seat beside her and I sit in the seat behind my wife so she cant see me but my mother in law can. when we start moving i take my pants down so my mother in law can see my p**** and talk to her when she turns around to talk to me she can she me playing with my hard p**** and she keeps turning around looking at it. but doesn't tell my wife. when i want to stop i take a tissue and start masturbating and talk to my mother in law when she turns around she can see me masturbating until I e******** in the tissue.. When I'm masturbating her expression changes like she is enjoying it. So I go right at it. until i c** in the tissue.

Jun 14, 2014

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  • I some how think that it is Wrong yet Good and also So Naughty , and That you Are A Lucky and Fortunate man !.... I also think that your "mother-in-law" is Amazing ! { Wow a 88 year old woman still so sexual } ...quoting you .." ..like to get naked and put on my bathrobe and sit down in front of my mother in law and let her see my hard p****. she 88 years old. " ~ ( WOW ! ) ....."she just looks at it " .."when I see her looking at it it makes it harder." ...
    " meaning your Mother-In-Law .."she never tells my wife" .... Question has your "Mother-In - Law" ever .."Finger-F- -ked" ..."fingered" her 88 year old P**** in front of of you ? and / or has she ever just touched your P**** and has she ever stroked your P**** ( Or ) at least touched it ?

  • Mother in law

  • Hot . when i was young n only dating i got the hots for my mother in law n use to w*** about her .even got to me taking her panties that were drying home to do so .then to taking worn ones out of linen basket . that was 30 years ago . n still to this day i often have secret w*** about her .

  • When my mother in law was visiting for a week my wife said in front of her that I would have to stop exercising in the nude for a while. My wife was working days and I was working afternoons. My mother in law brought her coffee down to my little gym in the basement and said she would read and keep me company. She also said to go ahead and be nude ,after all you're married to my daughter and also I've seen men nude before, I used to be a nurse. So I stripped and did a nude workout in front of her all week. I think we both actually enjoyed it. She said she liked seeing me nude, especially since she has been on her own for several years .

  • Very sick and mentally disturbed. Do you have any respect for your wife? Your mother in law and you, obviously do not have any moral scruples!

  • Link doesn't work, just search granny linda--it's awesome, I tossed off 3 times--long video

  • Copy & paste this link to granny linda


  • This guy below is awsome

  • My mother in-law is 83 and I started by pulling down my shorts and rubbing my c o c k on her butt while helping her reach for a bowl above her fridge, it was just for a second but I got semi hard and pushed into her, she never knew it.

    Then I took a pair of her dirty panties home and s u c k e d the c r o t c h, what a taste when my saliva mixes with her c u n t juices. Then I c u m m e d all over them when they are all wet and the taste is even better.

    We live right next door so I've snuck over many times when they're out and I've crawled in her bed totally naked and w a n k e d off all over her sheets, I put a bra and a pair of her panties on her pillow and make love to it, I spread my c u m out on her panties, in her bra cups and put them back in her drawer, I put some c u m next to her drool marks on her pillow too.

    I've put c u m in her retainer, on her tooth brush, on her inhalers, I wonder if she's ever tasted me?

    My wife had them over for supper last week and I spunked (cummed) on each of their plates and watched both of them eat me, I was so hard under the table.

  • I explained to her how this was my ritual after lunch (p o r n and j e r k i n g o f f , she stood there as I wiped up the mess from my chest and belly then licked my hand clean, she reached for the paper towel and headed into the kitchen. When she returned I motioned for her to sit next to me and opened up the computer to p o r n which from previous conversations she had never seen. Oh boy I'm getting a rise again as I'm explaining what's on the screen. I'm showing her grannies, teens, milf's, two guys, two girls then I get granny Linda-20 minutes of silence from her, as she's watching the video her eyes go from the screen to my r o c k h a r d c o c k, when granny Linda takes it in her mouth Dorothy (mother in-law) slides her butt away leans over and takes my c o c k h e a d in her mouth, oh god Dottie I scream as I start to pump my hips, get ready to s w a l l o w I tell her as I begin to expel stream after stream into her moist mouth and swallow she did.

  • Cont.

    She had come in the kitchen door one day last summer and caught me naked making lunch, full on frontal and she was starring, so I let her, oh she says and starts to leave, come in I said and I went to put on sweat pants and returned, ate lunch and watched tv, neither one of us said a word, normally this is when I look at some p o r n and toss off-had to wait for her to leave. The following weekend in she comes again, lunch was over and I was tossing off on the couch just about to shoot and I just covered up with my shorts when she walked in the tv room and sat just three feet away in the rocker, omg, we talked about the tv show while I continued to pleasure myself, I was at a heightened level of arousal with her there, my eyes were on her, her eyes were on the tv, my hand was on my c o c k and I started to blow. I couldn't help but stiffen my body, make noise and close my eyes, when I opened them she was looking at me and I was sure she could see my hand going up and down what I thought was under my shorts, but my shorts had fallen aside and I was exposed. I should probably go she says, it's ok I replied, I'm done and asked her to get me a paper towel-which she did.

  • Very nice! You should ask her if she wants to give you a hand. The old gal would probably appreciate getting to hold a hard c*** one more time before she kicks the bucket. If she hasn't told your wife by now she clearly isn't going to.

  • Sick!

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