Exposing myself to my mother in law

When my mother in law comes to our house I like to get naked and put on my bathrobe and sit down in front of my mother in law and let her see my hard p****. she 88 years old. and she just looks at it and when I see her looking at it it makes it harder.
she never tells my wife (probably) because she doesn't want my wife and i to have a fight. So I take advantage of her silence and just show her my erection when my wife is not around. sometimes when we go out in the car my wife drives my mother inlaw sits in the front seat beside her and I sit in the seat behind my wife so she cant see me but my mother in law can. when we start moving i take my pants down so my mother in law can see my p**** and talk to her when she turns around to talk to me she can she me playing with my hard p**** and she keeps turning around looking at it. but doesn't tell my wife. when i want to stop i take a tissue and start masturbating and talk to my mother in law when she turns around she can see me masturbating until I e******** in the tissue.. When I'm masturbating her expression changes like she is enjoying it. So I go right at it. until i c** in the tissue.

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  • Very nice! You should ask her if she wants to give you a hand. The old gal would probably appreciate getting to hold a hard c*** one more time before she kicks the bucket. If she hasn't told your wife by now she clearly isn't going to.

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