Im a bad person

I am probably one of the worst people I have ever meet. I honestly don't know how to keep my mouth shut about anything. I stayed at a friends house over the weekend and I was furious at my brother. He is such a bully and I couldn't stand that he could dish it out but can't take the heat. So i started just talking out my ass not caring what came out. A short while later I find out almost everything I said got spread around his school. I'm a sophomore in High school I was just forced to move here, I really don't have many friends, my brother is really all I got. What I said really hurt him and it hurt me too. I was just in the bathroom and I needed my mom, she was busy with the baby so she told my brother to come see whats up, He said "I don't wanna talk to her" I honestly don't blame him. I already struggle with depression and Anxiety, the first thing i told myself was, "Damn I wish I was dead,then their life would be easier. My life would be over and I could stop hurting those around me." I don't mean to hurt people i really don't I'm not a mean person I'm just a horrible sister.

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