Beat and Gone

My mom just attacked me and my stepdad is kicking me out. I don't know what to do. I kinda don't feel like being alive.

Sep 11, 2018

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  • Are you there and i hare him talking with my friends mom hugs xxx

  • They could be just talking about something else.

  • I f****** knew it s*** hugs xxx

  • He found the bottle now what?

  • What the h*** hugs xxx

  • What happened?

  • I think i will walk back too my own house hugs xxx

  • I have missed you xx

  • Go sleep with your friend.

  • They are kicking you out?

  • Who do they think they are hugs xxx

  • They would not give it back too me so i said cuck off and ran up too my friends room and they said i can just stay in room for the rest off night and gave out too me hugs xxx

  • Nothing wrong with that you both get to do things together.

  • I want too watch telly and they told us too go sleep hugs xxx

  • Go get in bed with your friend take your clothes off.

  • They wont let me go home and gave out too me over vodka hugs xxx

  • Then you will have to get your clothes off and get in bed with your friend.

  • Are you gone hugs xxx

  • No I told you get your clothes off and get in bed with your friend and rub her back.

  • My friend asked me too get in her bed. but im not taken my panties off hugs xxx

  • Just do it take them off and join her she might be nude also.

  • Not my panties i cant hugs xxx

  • Just do it let the air on your body it will feel good.

  • Unless you have any other girls there? xx

  • I will take them. off when i get in her bed hugs xxx

  • Good for you and go rub her back for her.

  • I might and who is other person hugs xxx

  • He just wants to have s** with any girl.

  • I kind off liked talking with you and you seem cool. but im starting too get tired. thanks for listening too me hugs and and extra xxxx

  • Ok sweetheart night night always look for me happynude!!

  • Hes prob very nice an all. but i just dont want too do anything hugs and extra xxxx night

  • Thank you for the hugs.

  • You seem like a good person and tanks. but im better on my own and dont want anybody hurt me anymore. hugs an extra xxxx

  • I will never hurt you I treat all my daughters lovingly. I love them so much. I cried because I thought I lost you forever matter of fact I am crying right now as I type this because I want you to be my daughter also so I can love so much.

  • But loads off people say that and then they dont care and do things. your nice an all but dont cry for me. im not worth it. i dont like crying and sometimes i like hugs. hugs xxx

  • My crying is because I love you as a person and I want the best for you if I could spank both your dad and uncle I would do it right now for what they did to you I would even hang them by their testicles.
    You are worth crying for and I will continue to do that because I think you are special.
    I am not here to have s** with you plain and simple I am here because I care about you very much.

  • Tbats what yous all say hugs xxx

  • I am different. I suppose I will never gain your trust.

  • How do i know.

  • I know you were mistreated by your dad and uncle and maybe some others and you lost trusting any male person. Just remember you were not at fault do not blame yourself. They are the blame.

  • Do not think for one minute you are worthless. You are awesome and beautiful. You are a great team player and you have a great girl friend that you admire.

  • Its cool and gottta go thanks anyway and have a nice life hugs xxx

  • Are you still here and did you mean what you said hugs xxx

  • I do sincerely with all my heart.

  • Im home and got sent home for fighting hugs xxx

  • Oh no are you OK did you get hurt?

  • Im fine and i cursed at my teacher and princeable. i was fighting with a girl and her friend who dont like me. i pulled her hair and f***** her on the ground and she hurt her leg and head. i have a note for my dad too sign and hes in work hugs xxx

  • You said you f***** her on the ground. F***** means having s** with her.

  • Whatever so hugs xxx

  • I know what it f****** means. i threw her on the ground and its the same thing. are your kids in school now hugs xxx

  • My kids are all grown up and my grandkids are in school.

  • Do they all live with you still hugs xxx

  • My younger son does youngest grandson lives across the street from me.

  • Cool and i wish i had brothers or sisters hugs xxx

  • That would be great to do things and play together.

  • Guess your bored hugs xxx

  • Well I am not bored I just got back from physical therapy on my right shoulder so now I am able to talk to you more. Many grand daughters and grandsons.

  • I know and plus its boreing here have you lots off gran kids hugs xxx

  • You are bored? Do you watch television?

  • Sometimes and my tv broke. my dad will be p***** off at me hugs xxx

  • What will he do to you then when he finds out?

  • Try ground me and wont matrer as im allways here on my own and he wont no i dont stay in hugs xxx

  • What do you do other than school ?

  • Nothing realy anymore. i also use too do dancwimg and gymnastics as well as soccer and basketball hugs xxx

  • What does interest you lately?

  • Sometimes i prefare too be on my own and have my drink hugs xxx

  • When you are on your own besides drinking what do you do?

  • Hi like hugs xxx

  • You mess with yourself how has that been for you?
    Sorry for the delay.

  • Its cool and my dads drunk and p***** off at me and im haveing a drink now also hugs xxx

  • Drinking makes me p*** a lot. Sometimes can not make it to the house I have to pee outside.

  • Me too and makes me kind off happy though and forget. i think your nice hugs xxx

  • I have come close in p****** in my pants. I like vodka and orange juice.

  • I thought you dont drink. are you good too your kids and let them drink hugs xxx

  • Your probably getting drunk by now.

  • Ha not realy just feel happy. you seem nice and tanks for talking wit me hugs xxx

  • I love talking with you just like talking to my daughter I enjoy this very much.

  • Tanks and your realy nice hugs xxx

  • Thank you and you are awesome.

  • What are you wearing right now?

  • Hi and im afraid hugs xxx

  • Why are you afraid?

  • Tanks for being nice hugs xxx

  • Im not bad and people think i am hugs xxx

  • They need to get to know you better that is all.

  • Im not good and so what higs xxx

  • What makes you think that you are not good?

  • I let them do things and i only want a hug. you are nice. hugs xxx

  • Everyone does things to you how so?

  • Nobody just want ti hig me xxx

  • Do you want a hug from me I will hug you right now.

  • Yes i guess so hugs xxx

  • A big hug for you because you are awesome.

  • I hope you wont forget mr. yoi are nicr hugs xxx

  • Do not hate yourself you are awesome.

  • I thimk yoi are nixe and tanks for talj to me i feel i neef to go sleeo hugs xxx

  • Sweetheart I love you night night.

  • Im getting ready for school and tanks for talking with me last night. my dad told me im too come straight home after school and i did not think he seen or hared me and i rolled my eyes and said whatever and he went crazy. f*** him though and he cant prove i did not come straight home and he will be drunk anyway hugs xxx

  • Morning hope your day is going to be good.

  • Your like everybody else and dont give a f***

  • I am sorry just got back from eye doctor. I see that I need to apologize to you for my absence. How are you?

  • I got in more trouble in school and my dad wacked me hugs xxx

  • Did he spank you dear?

  • Hello hugs xxx

  • Did he hurt your butt?

  • He should f****** do that. nobody is allowed too smack anybody hugs xxx

  • Well I spanked my kids when they needed it. That is what parents do sometime. You need a big hug and I love you bunches.

  • Are you actualy for f****** real. i would never allow that too happen hugs xxx

  • My step daughter was fourteen both her mom and me spanked her totally nude.

  • She was stupid too allow that too happen then hugs xxx

  • She knew that she did wrong and now she will spank her sons when needed.

  • Well thats her and not me and i would never allow it too f****** happen hugs xxx

  • After we spanked her we took some cream on her butt and covered her butt with cream and soothed it in.

  • Is she f****** crazy too allow that too happen hugs xxx

  • She told her mom she was sorry and she did deserve getting spanked.

  • He f****** never hit me before. i want too run off and im haveing more vodka hugs xxx

  • He hit you in the face,?

  • No but i got kicked out off school again and he was given out too me and i said get f*** out off my face and turned away and he wacked me twice on my ass hugs xxx

  • You there hugs xxx

  • Did i do something wrong. hugs xxx

  • You did nothing wrong.

  • Ok hugs xxx

  • I hope yoy stilk like nw im not bad hugs xxx

  • A little drunk but I still care for you.

  • Domt no wjy you lobe me im afede im ufly hugs xxx

  • I dont think im what you said. i hate myself hugs xxx

  • Why hugs xxx

  • Just curious.

  • I have some wine occasionally. I do no get drunk.

  • Ha i sometimes mess with myself hugs xxx

  • Well i said i dont want too hugs xxx

  • Are you rubbing her back yet?

  • I allways have a little bit or sleeler and helps me hugs xxx

  • You sound very sexy let's talk more xx

  • Who you hugs xxx

  • I'm a sexy man, your a sexy woman xx do you want to have some fun? XX

  • What do you mean and weres the person i was talking too. what do you want to do hugs xxx

  • I am here dear get with your friend and rub her back.

  • He wants to have s** with you.

  • No thanks hugs xxx

  • I'm already naked and I know you are! Sent you??

  • Well you cant see me and im under duvet and have panties on hugs xxx

  • I want what you want I've taken off all my clothes and you need to take off all yours xx

  • Your are prob nice but i dont want that im sorry hugs xxx

  • I have smelt the same beautiful aroma that you have, and u need to bash in! Don't deny yourself and I will not

  • Whats bash it hugs xxx

  • What do you mean hugs xxx

  • Put your fingers down inside, and rub, all over let smell fill the room, let your woman be all! That means bash! Take control!

  • How old are you and im 12 hugs xxx

  • Does it matter, to put labels on anything,
    It would be like working in an office and collecting Intel, on people on the internet! But who is anyone to judge?

  • Whats intel hugs xxx

  • If you not sure ask your colleges, they should know!?

  • Let me guess, one of you said do you think he knows?

  • Go with it and be more confident it will through them

  • I have too go down and sure what the f*** can they say. i will be back so dont go anywere hugs xxx

  • How did you know were too go. i hare them saying my name hugs xxx

  • Do you have any trusted friends and other family members, you can reside with? Focus on where you're going to stay and then take each day a time. I know it's easier said than done, but that's my advice. Try near by homeless and contact child protection/welfare services if you're a minor, then they'll guide you on what necessary steps you need to take.

    Good luck 😊

  • It's better to look for food and a place to sleep even if it's a sleeping bag behind a bldg than be in that situation. The feeling of being unloved does hurt but if I could do it and little by little make a success of myself so can anyone.

  • You force them to do so.

  • And the common element is you.

    You should calm down. Do the laundry. Clean the house and beg for forgiveness. Stop drinking and drugs. Obey your parents.

  • Did you hit or swear at your Mom? Steal, caught lying, or break something including curfew?
    Attack is subjective.

  • Im so sorry to hare about all your going through. are you there...

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