** - Great & Frustrating all at the same time

Im a girl, i like **. I get it. Its hot.

But when is it an addiction? And the fact that I like it but still get jealous when my boyfriend watches it....how can i make that stop?? I look so therefore if i get upset at him looking it makes me a hypocrite. I get why he looks but i just dont understand why we as women are hardwired to act this way. i wish i could stop, trust me i do!! Some days im ok with it then days where im PMS'ing i feel so hurt.

Having said that my boyfriend has TONS of **. He cant even have an electronic device without having ** on it. Looks at it ** near every day yet says he has a low ** drive. Wont looking at ** all the time give you a low ** drive? I mean, why would you have the urge to ** when your looking at ** and ** all the time. Its like, it becomes numbing to you.

Now, my boyfriend tells me im ** and beautiful ever day. IN fact...he cant keep his hands off me. But we dont have ** enough. Maybe once a week. twice if im lucky. I think if we had more ** i wouldnt feel so....bothered by the **. Right now i just feel like the ** gets more sexual attention than i do.

It hurts. It relaly really hurts. I love having ** with my man. More than anyone in the past. And for the first time I have a guy who doesnt want it every day. Maybe im being punished?? lol

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  • this si toooo long.
    even looking at it scared me out of readin just the first sentance, knowing if I read that I'd have to read all of this.

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