Teacher and student

I have been a teacher for several years, over the summer I had a really vivid dream about a girl in my tutor group. I have been her form tutor for three years and there has never been anything between us. But now each time I see her I am both embarrassed at the memory of my dream, excited and confused. I just need to say something, in the hope it will make it go away.

Sep 22, 2018

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  • My niece is with me now. she is 11 and poseing in her uniform. im minding her for two weeks...

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm get in her p****

  • You lucky person I enjoy same at my house in school st llanbradach south Wales

  • School uniforms are sexy

  • Yes I picked my work mate up last week for work and see his daughter in her school uniform wow

  • They very much sexy

  • What her uniform like?

  • Just ankle socks pleated grey skirt white blouse but she had tucked her skirt in with her school blouse at the back lol she her knickers.

  • This is the right time you penetrate into her before she founds herself a right boyfriend

  • Think it will only ever be afantasy

  • Ate you also female? Ages here?

  • I am male and 43 she is 15

  • Did u dream about her hot tight c*** in your mouth

  • Yeah among other thoughts, i dream of pushing her down on a desk list her skirt and eating her till she screamed

  • Have u bin looking at her since she was 13 thinking about how nice she would taste.

  • No it was only over the summer i had these thought now when i look at her...........

  • Describe her what dis she wear in the summer

  • It was a dream in the summer, i always dream and thin of her in her school uniform

  • What’s her body like tell me what she looks like do you f*** your wife and think of her

  • Shes about 5 "8 so a little shorter than me, wavy blonde hair. She is quite pale white and has a very cute nose, her breast are smallish. Shes very slim. She is a very good student and quite shy.

  • She sounds hot, I say go for it

  • She is think of her alot

  • Dis she look younger than 15 with her pale skin. No makeup

  • Yes i guess she is young for the class

  • I have a niece just like her hard not to notice her as she grow up

  • Ok and yu have a crush on her?

  • Not a crush just h**** thoughts like you. Not that I’d act on them just a fantasy looking at her.

  • Yeah i not act on my thoughts either except in my mind and when wanking

  • Lol yes I bet you’re s**** shoots out hard when you w*** thinking about eating her young c***.

  • I can't believe the tripe I am reading on this website! Boys will be boys! Some of you will never grow up. S** crazed maniacs!

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