Get out of my dreams!!!!

Im 22, me and my boyfriend are together for 6 years now... i love him so much! but still, once in a while i dream about my neighbor. the same 22 years old a****** who broke my heart when i was 13(!! ridiculous, huh?), the same one who took pictures of me washing the car just to show his friends without me knowing about it, the same one who told people nasty things about me, the same one who kept in his drawer the letters i wrote to him when i was 12, and then showed it to my boyfriend years later - i mean, COME ON! grow up! it feels like the 7 years old boy who pulls the 7 years old girl's ponytale..
but i dream about him sometimes, and i cant tell it to ANYONE. i dream that we speak, that we are friends again, like we were until i met my BF. i dream that he is sorry. i dream that we kiss. WHY?

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  • Just a dream. Don't read too much into it. Just because you have a dream that you kiss someone, doesn't mean that you want to kiss that person.

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