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I had a dream last night about a girl who rejected me 3 years ago. She wanted to talk to me, even though I did not want to, but I could see she liked me. I am slightly interested in her, but would not be too upset to continue life without her. We get on quite well in real life and I feel I have a 50/50 chance of her saying yes, if she views me as a better all round man than before, which I am in a lot of respects. I want to try and strike up conservations with her to see if I can get on with her as well as in my dreams. How reliable is my dream? I think there is both realism and uncertainty in it. Also, should I avoid telling her, and others, about this dream?

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  • The girl in your dream represents something that you want but lack. It could be her outlook on life, her inner strength. Whatever. She wanted to communicate. The dream may be telling you that you need to step up and speak your peace. You may be asking yourself,"What do I want?" You have to ponder this idea for itself.

    The fact that you still fancy this girl after three years and after she told you she wasn't interest in you speaks to the fact that you should just ask her out again and find out if she has changed her mind about you.

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