I'm just a devil

I am such a terrible f****** human being. I dont even know why I just keep on doing s***** things to other people. I lie, deceive, manipulate others so that I get more. I don't even feel guilt or feel anything much anymore. Every day I just feel like I'm just a machine that works. Every laugh every smile everything that I do is just some f****** act. It doesn't matter who I am deceing. Everyone is affected, even if it is my own family. I know that I keep doing this s*** but I just can't stop. Whenever I have feelings for someone I just stop it. I dont want everyone to suffer so I just do my f*** ing best to not f*** up other people's lives.

So here I am to confess all my sins and I hope to pay for all of them because I'm just scum of the earth.

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  • Do you think you can absolve your sins here ? Guess again. This is Confession post, not Absolution post. You have nonetheless taken the first step because you are aware of and have acknowledged your failings. Now you have to change. You could make a good start by doing a kindness for someone else and in doing so, its important they don't know you've done that kindness. If should be a selfless gift.

  • Only Jesus can change a persons heart and mind : )

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