Pantie fans

Hi everyone. Any guys out there like Wearing women's & girls panties etc? I've been doing it since I was young, and I now buy my own kickers etc
I sometimes feel embarrassed about it, and wonder if anyone has the same problem. Any thoughts most welcome.

Oct 6, 2018

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  • I have worn panties since I was 11. I wear panties, thigh high stockings, and even an unwire bra most days under my male work clothes. wife of 30 years has no clue. I dress fully when meeting a lover skirts, dresses, jeans tops and heels. I hate when I have to men's underwear. I love to feel girly.

  • Like to dress in women's panties garters nighties the thought of being a woman I slide my wife's d**** into my man slit tasting and licking my precum fantasizing pulling my panties to one side as I slide my c*** into his mouth I also like his tounge licking and sucking my. Bum hole I like to call it my man slit just before he f**** me he puts his c*** to my lips I open my mouth and began sucking as he holds the back of my head as I suck and lick his c*** like a good girl should...momspantysniffer

  • Im a boy i wear panties great feeling there so cute to wear

  • You’re not the only one who started young wearing panties. Ever since I could remember I’ve had a thing for wearing panties & heels & acting so sexy like a woman . Plus I love it when a guy loves when I wear my panties and bra they treat me so good ! It’s such a big turn on when they notice that I’m wearing a thong under my tights.. they start mentioning that I have amazing nice lips etc.. to top it off I have feminine facial features & an amazing smooth body with a nice bubble butt. I’m wearing a sexy black & white thong right now with a black bra .

  • I wear nothing but panties I find them more comfy, I shop for them and get dirty looks in the panty section but I don't give a s*** I am hurting nobody, I also like wearing little girls if I can get them

  • Yeah I like wearing Lil girls panties, hard to find satin ones though. Do you like little girls sexually?

  • H*** yes

  • I don't ware them I just sniff and lick the p**** juice out and then j*** off in them and put them back in the dirty clothes hamper and they are my mother in law's Im in love with her and my wife wish that they would both f*** me at the same time I have always wanted a mother and daughter trio I would f*** my motherinlaw hard in the ass first thing

  • I used to see a mannequin wearing a leotard in a shop as I walked home from school. It fascinated me. I would think about it during the day. One day I took a bus to another suburb and went looking for a shop in the same chain and went in and bought one. I was totally embarrassed but my kinky desire drove me on and I did it. I also used to like to wear tights from when I was about 10. I would wear them under my long pants to school. In summer I wore shorts so I could not wear tights. Now I started to wear both the tights and leotard at times. I would also sleep in it. I liked to run my hands down the front and across my bum.

    One day my mom found my stash. I only found out when I found my leotard and tights washed and folded in my underwear draw. I was mortified. I was 15 years old and I had been wearing tights for at least 7 years and the leotard for three and more recently masturbating and C****** in them so they were pretty stinky. I was so embarrassed. I could not look her in the eye at breakfast. That night she came into my room and said it is OK. I was so so relieved.

    Even my dad said it was OK. Mom even bought me new tights and a new leotard both my size and even offered to buy me a dress. I so wanted to do that but just said no I like the feel as underwear. I wish now I had taken her up on the offer.

  • Lol me I’m wearing panties with a pretty pink lace trim I act like a girl, I may have a big p**** but I’m a girl at heart, I have a pretty pink p**** somewhere inside me

  • You can see my panties

  • Im boy i love wearing girls pink panties

  • Hia, how are you? That sounds real sexy- a nice big p***s in pretty panties! x

  • You can see my panties ill show you mine

  • Im a boy i wear girls pink panties you can see mine

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