I feel awful

My husband and I got married between Christmas and New Year's, and during our honeymoon, I cheated on him like 4 or 5 times. I mean it was with one guy, but it happened that many times. It was really no big deal, and it didn't mean anything, but now we've been home for a few weeks and I feel bad about it. He'll never know and I'll never admit it to him, but now I sort of wish I hadn't done it even though at the time it was fun and it made me feel great.

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  • Just curious.......did the other man know you'd just gotten married and were on your honeymoon???

  • Yes, he did, and that was a part of the appeal for both of us, to be honest, because the whole thing was so hot. He was staying at the same hotel where we spent our honeymoon (he was in that city for business) and he gave me the sort of special attention that a woman like me needs, and the s** was reeeeeally amazing, like you wouldn't believe. It was just for that week, so it's not like it's going to happen again unless he comes to where we live for business here. If that ever happens, all bets are off.

  • You are an unbelievable w****. It's what you were before you got married, it's what you were on your wedding day, it's what you've been every day since then, and it's what you'll always be. W-H-O-R-E. You're going to wind up divorced, alone and unwanted.

  • You piece of human garbage. Well done, why the f*** did you even marry this guy if honesty and fidelity is "no big deal". Karma is going to bite you in the a*** for this.

  • You cheated on him 4 or 5 times ON YOUR HONEYMOON?!?! What the f*** is wrong with you? Oh,well, hate to break it to you, but your husband WILL find out eventually. I just hope he leaves you completely ruined.

  • Yea start cheating on the man you just promised to be fateful to forever, this marriage wont end in anyone's death

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