Altering Her Bathing Suit

My wife Margie was 37 at the time of this story. She's an accountant for a local firm and is conservative and rather modest. She's attractive but not model material. Her b****** are 34b, a little pointy with rather large pink nipples. She has a narrow waist which flare out to wider than average hips. Her upper thighs are a little thick but not fat, and has a nice butt. Her main attribute to me is between her thighs.
Margie has a rather large pubic bone and lots of padding over it. It sticks out and is very noticeable in bathing suits and tight clothing. To go along with her big mound, Margie has thick, full lips. Her outer lips are plump and full and her inner lips are thick, pink and stick out about an inch or so. She gets a lot attention but never seems to notice. I like showing her off; I know it's weird but that's how I am. I got the bright idea of altering a bathing suit. I bought her a new red one-piece suit that was made of thin stretchy material. The only lining in the suit was in the crotch. Before giving it to her, I took a single-edged razor and carefully removed the crotch lining.
She loved the bathing suit, and luckily she didn't notice the lining was removed. She put it on and it fit perfectly. I glanced between her thighs and saw a slight shadow caused by her trimmed bush. That could be a problem, so I eventually got her to shave it bald without telling her why.
The first time she wore it was at a big public municipal swimming pool. We took our little nephew who was around 2.
The first time she got out of the water I about crapped. It was more sheer than I had anticipated. Her nipples were in plain view and her c*** was showing. I mean every little detail. Her lips showed through, including the wrinkling of her thick inner lips. It was obscene and she had no clue. There were three vertical lines in her crotch. One in the very center and two more where her inner and outer lips met. She took our nephew to the bathroom and was carrying him back... with her big c*** exposed. I saw a few guys totally gawking at her exposed condition. Seriously, what made this hot was she had no idea. About then, we heard someone call her name. It was Joe M from where she worked.. a nice guy in his 50's. He was there with his grandkids and sitting in a lounge chair wearing a pair of sunglasses. Margie was still carrying nephew and got out of the pool to see Joe. He remained seated and started chatting with her. Since Margie didn't realize she was showing, she did nothing to cover herself. A couple minutes later, Joe gets into his beach bag and pulls out a camera. He keeps talking about how cute our nephew is and had Margie face him to take photos. The perv was slick and had Margie posing with her big pussylips showing. I'm not sure how many he took, by it was a lot. Of course she was all to willing because she wanted photos of our nephew. After the photos we had a picnic lunch and went home soon after.
When Margie got home from work Monday, she laughed at how Joe screwed up the pictures somehow and none of the photos turned out. She also mentioned that Joe invited us to a pool party next weekend at his house. She accepted of course. He mentioned there would only be Margie and me, Joe and their boss Harry.

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  • Has anybody looked at you like surprised that you haven't noticed?

  • I act like I don't notice. Nobody has ever said anything to me about her exposure. The fun part is how she doesn't realize it and does nothing to make herself decent.

  • I want to hear about the pool party!

  • Me too. Tell us what happened at that pool party.

  • The pool party was as expected. I casually suggested she wear another bathing suit but she said she liked the new red one. She said it dries rather quickly and being a one-piece suit, she feels covered. If she only knew.
    We got to Joe's house and her boss Harry was already there. In only minutes they talked Margie into getting in the pool... no doubt to get her bathing suit wet. When she got out, like before, she was very exposed since her suit became see through.Her nipples were in plain view along with the thick lips revealed between her thighs.
    Both Harry and Joe made sure Margie was standing in front of them so they could ogle her exposure behind their sunglasses.
    This went on all day. Eventually they got out their cameras and took a lot of close up photos of her. She actually felt flattered and had no clue they only wanted photos of her in her immodest attire which exposed her secrets.
    I've never seen the photos.

  • H*** yeah, man.... take her to public swimming pools and beaches and have her show off her hot mommy body to strangers.
    Let them see her big mound and lips. A free public peep show is always in big demand.

  • That is hot. I like that you want guys to see your wife unknowingly exposing herself. You do realize that you're behind her obscene production, right?

  • Holy crap... that's hot! I know you're getting off when your wife exposes herself to other men... including her coworkers. But what about the photos? Doesn't it bother you that there are lots of photos of your wife's exposed state being shown around? No doubt those pervs are showing everyone your wife's plump lips. Also, they know you're ok with it. That gives them a green light for other things. Do you want them using her big lips for their carnal pleasures?

  • You have unwittingly set her up for some potential blackmail. If this guy has photos that clearly show her nether lips, she may prefer to let this guy have his way with her rather that suffer the embarrassment of those photos getting shown around. I am inclined to believe you'd enjoy knowing she was used and humiliated by another man.

  • You would no doubt like to see her spread wide with another guy slamming her married mommy hole bareback.

  • Nothing like a naive woman her age putting on a display like that. I'm sure she got looked at a lot. Who wouldn't want to see big lips through a bathing suit?

  • Is it arousing to you when other men ogle your wife's indecent display?

  • Yes, I'm afraid it is. Her display is very graphic.. obscene... and she doesn't realize it. I know some have taken sneaky photos of her.

  • Dude, she could end up being blackmailed. Would you like it if she ended up being forced to pose for a camera club full of old pervs? Or worse?

  • I think it's awesome when an innocent woman gets tricked into showing off all her goods in public. It's even better that she has larger than normal lips down there. I'd be at the beach with her every day if I could.

  • Dude, you must realize that her coworker probably has a load of pics with her v**** showing. Everybody but you and your wife have probably seen them. Do you feel better knowing that guys leer at her?

  • Wish there was a way to see pictures of this...

  • I don't have copies but I fear that perhaps others do. That bathing suit left nothing to the imagination.

  • In other words, you get off when your wife unknowingly parades around in public places with her big s***** showing. So why do you like other men leering at your wife?

  • I'm not sure why I like it. I just think it's really hot for a wife and mother to unknowingly expose herself to strangers.

  • Or even knowingly!

  • I've wondered if the photos of her with her nephew were actually ruined or if he still has them all. Margie would be humiliated if she knew he had photos with her big lips showing so clearly through her bathing suit. I also have to wonder if anyone else has seen them.

  • This is perfect. Just watch out, it gets addictive! I've never done that, but i did c** in the little pocket in the crotch of a friend's panties several times - they were hanging to dry overnight on her back porch.

  • Oh, good idea! There's plenty of unattended laundry in my building's basement. And i can hear people coming with plenty of time to hide the evidence. I'm going in...

  • Haha! Never thought of that. Now I'll have to try it.

  • Maybe you'll get lucky and your wife will f*** Joe while you watch.

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