Now sad husband

My wife and i where invited to a company christmas party at a large hotel. excited about my promotion off we went. on the night of the party all dressed up down we went to the reception my wife is a red head tall and very attractive but quite a prude she does attract alot of attention and one of the managers who works with me always pays her more than i we go party mad every body mental alot already out of it lots of the older guys looking over at her then she is whisked off for a drink i look over and a section covered with a mat is attracting attention with a couple having s** now worried i go to find wy wife side lined given a drink i feel dizzy next thing looking at where the noise is coming from unable to move see my wife taking her knickers off to great applause when her bra came off there was a little silence as her t*** have very large puffy nipples this lass came over and just took a nipple in her mouth my wife instead of fighting her off pulled her closer to her breast she looked drunk she went onto her hands and knees the old guy i mentioned came behind her dropped his trouserers to great applause to show his c*** he called and an elderly lady came and on his instruction stripped and layed on her back so able to suck my wifes large nipples i was like a zomby marched forward and layed down lookink up at my wifes c*** only to see this old t*** rubbing his errect c*** around my wifes enlarged c*** her vag lips are a joy to see he stops and starts sucking on her c*** i am still having to watch unable to move he then puts the head of his c*** next to her lips again by this time a guy has latched on to her nipple my wife is coming the old guy at the back now starts to enter her c*** i am watching as he inches it in then with an almighty thrust he goes in all the way up to his b**** my wife starts thrusting backwards the old guy lasts about three seconds then comes a he pushes into her as far as he can go her t*** by this time have been sucked more in this time than in all her life and i know as as i was the only one to make it worst the old lady lay and my wife was told go for it it may be your only chance end so she did my wife put her head between her legs then came a slurping noise and the skinny p**** women started wriggling i was wanked off by who knows it was a terrible time but my wife sucks me off after we have talked about it


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  • We had a similar thing happen at a concert singing and clapping with arms overhead the crowd surged and my wife got swept away in it i could not reach her she had her knickers ripped off and someone entered a finger into her p**** she could not do anything they kept thrusting in and out of her c*** then found her c*** and rubbed it without mercy until she was able to get away we did manage to find each other when she told me i could not wait to f*** her.

  • If you had gone for a fellowship meeting in a church, would you have surrendered your wife to the insatiable philandering of drunks?? Make a move to life a better abundant life with your wife; the kind of life that Jesus gives.

  • 'English' m***********, do you speak it?

  • Sounds like a nice night.

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