Teenage boys and older women

Anyone else have any stories (preferably true) of having s** with an older woman as a young man?
I found out long ago that divorced women in their 30's and 40's, sometimes even 50's love to have s** with young men 16 to 25 years old. All you have to do is be nice to them and they'll f*** your brains out. Never could get any of the girls my age to have s** with me. It was the same old BS about waiting, and what if the parents find out. I gave up on the girls my age after a divorced woman in her 40's had s** with me the first time. I then started reading the divorce section in the newspaper and then I'd head over to her house asking to do yard work or whatever for little to no money. They would always except and then I'd tell them how beautiful they were. It wouldn't take long before I was in their bed f****** them. Oh, I'm not going to say I f***** everyone, there were some who thought I was a pervert kid, and they threatened to tell my parents. Had a couple women who actually did call my parents, I told my parents she was just a b**** because I called her honey or dear. At first my mom asked me why I would call an older woman honey, I said why not, older women call me dear or honey all the time. She agreed I had a point and told me to ignore women like that.
Easiest s** I ever had was with divorced older women.

Oct 14, 2018

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  • I prefer teenage girls and older men.

  • My ex and I started the hot wife thing when she was 46. At first she insisted on only meeting men 40 and older. Then she met a 28 year old who could go all day.

    Within a month of that she was actively seeking out guys as young as 18. It was kink of kinky because we had a 15 year old son. and a few of the guys called here mom while they were doing her.

  • Nice choice u made dear. Can imagine the 18yo boy's c*** never going soft while f****** you. I remember being able to f*** for hours without going soft in between c***...she was a married woman 52yo and I was 14yo. She used to swallow my juice everytime I came, saying its good for her beauty or something.

  • My wife (36) loves teenage boys

  • I shared my wife and she is in her mid 30's. She was really buzzed and I switched with her nephew who is 15 and he loved it. I saw how many he checked her out so I gave him a chance. It was so hot I masturbated more twice watching them going at it.

  • Olen pealt näinud kuidas teismelised poisid ühte naispensionäri tagant korda mööda keppisid.Vanamammil oli hea meel veel.Kuulsin hiljem et ühe poisi vanaema pidi see olema.

  • You didn't try anywhere near hard enough. Had you played the numberrs game like myself and so many other guys working in a bank in Sydney severall years ago and asked nearly every Goddam women to take a hotel room with you after work, I can honestly tell you, you would have scored. it's all about the numbers game, asking as many women as possible. Sometime I dined them in the Sydney CBD beforehand.

    Older women were the easiest to latch onto. i mean divorcees aged in their 30's, 40's and 50's who were looking to be fuckede by young guys in their late teens and early 20's.

    it is interesting to note that a lot of guys married their girlfriends who worked in the bank in those days and I'd say it probably still goes on. Times don't change.

  • My dad hooked me up mowing my neighbors yard when I was 16 years old.
    She was a divorcee in her 50's with long brown hair and quite attractive.
    I wasn't into women my mother's age, but that all changed one afternoon.
    I was finishing up mowing her lawn and the day was hot and humid. I would normally get paid in cash, so after I finished I went inside. She had a tall glass of lemonade and told me to sit down on the couch. As I sat down, she sat on the opposite side and put her feet up. I have always had a love for women's feet so she caught me staring a few times. We talked about my dad and I finished my drink.
    As I got ready to leave, she met me at the door and asked me when I would be back. I told her probably next week. As I got ready to leave, she kissed me.
    It felt amazing, yet shocked. The next thing I knew she was feeling the front of my shorts. I was growing amazingly hard and she knew it. The next thing I knew she was on her knees fumbling with my shorts button. As she pulled them down, she started to give me the most amazing b******. I looked down and all I could see was her head going back and forth. I bet it wasn't two minutes when I told her I was going to c**. She feverishly s****** even faster.
    As I exploded into her mouth with a couple of unmistakably huge spurts, she took every bit of it. I went back every week and she would give me the most amazing b******. I even started to worship and kiss her feet, which she absolutely loved. This went on into the winter months as I shoveled her driveway. The following Spring she sold the house after her job was transferred and I never saw her again, but I cherish the memories!

  • When would I get that lucky..:-(

  • Thanks am also a s** deprived person wasting my time on girls, i would rather look for older woman and rail them and take out my sexual frustration

  • Yeah the difference is the OP was talking about TEENAGER boys. Not a 40 year old pedo like yourself.

  • I am not that old, The women OP has done perhaps one of them was your mom. feeling sorry for you

  • Probably was my mom, she's a s***. My parents are swingers. They probably f***** your mom and dad in a swap. Are you sure your dad is actually your dad? You better get a DNA test done.

  • Yes you were right about me son I am 40 and I am your real Daddy so send your mom to me and let me fuckk her right in front of you....Son

  • Epic Failure!!!! I'm 53 junior. Go back home and suck on your mommas t******.

  • Oh my my so you are also a pedo like me.....bastardd

  • Not even close f*** stick, obviously you can't read, the story is about OLDER women.

  • And obviously you can’t understand ass_hole if you are 53 then you are contradicting yourself go sell your s*** mom and grab some drug stuff thats what you do b***** twatt

  • "B***** twatt" you must be a Brit. How's it feel to know we Americans kicked your f****** ass twice and then had to save you from the Germans. L****!
    Go play with your little d***, ya w*****. Because obviously you can't satisfy a real woman.

  • Keep on barking like a dog idiot

  • And as far as satifying a woman is concerned ask you mom and sister how i fuckked them roadside and a little weasel like you was born

  • As we have already established. I am older than you. I'm sorry you are just too f****** stupid to understand that you obviously can't be my father, but try to use that little pea brain you have. I know it's just as small as your micro d*** that you can't please any women with. That's why you are a pedo, real woman laugh at your itty bitty d***.

  • Oh shut up and go fuckk urself

  • Oh what's the matter Micro D***? Did your little micro d*** turtle crawl up in his little shell and now you can't even play with it?
    Well get out the magnifying glass and tweezers, you may find the little feller.

  • Mother fuckker get urself a real job it was none of ur business right from the beginning

  • Watch it Micro D***, you might blow a gasket. Of course nobody will be blowing you, they can't find your tiny little d***. L****!!

  • Well why don’t you suck my d***

  • Sorry, I don't have a magnifying glass and tweezers. I don't need them, but you do micro d***. I bet you have them sitting right next to the toilet so you can find the little guy to pee.

  • You are just a sissy moron who does not have a real job just want to p*** on other people without any reason, bcuz you are a loser and you will remain to be. this is the last you hear it from me as I have figured it out you are a disgusting sick pig who needs to drop dead.. for god sake FUCKK OFF

  • L****. Love it when I get the chance to p*** off a f****** pedo. You sick m************ should all die.

  • I f***** a lady, she said she was American which motivated him to f*** her real hard as if she was your mother. Oh yeah , I fuckedd you mom again

  • Cool bro, hope you had fun.
    Oh, youuu may want to get tested for STD's. That b**** has f***** every dude from her to the coast. I'm pretty sure she got herpes.

  • Ok thank you, you should also get it tested as she is your mom

  • Nay, I don't f*** her. She got it f****** dirty d**** like you.

  • You are mentally sick what about that goat b**** sucker

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