Ceareal pedo

I have been haveing s** with little kids for 14 years now I once rented a 8mounth old baby boy from his mom who had a habit I raped him for the entire day I once talked a 5yo girl away from her mom at the beach and I drugged her with something that made her very suggestable and forgetfull took her for a drive and went to town on her for like 4 hours then dropped her close to the beach wearing nothing with a butt plug in her ass and a rather large d**** taped in her puss and told her to walk back to the beach I also recorded everything I did to her. I talked a 7yo boy into going for a hike with me and gave him a bottle of water with same drugs in it took him back to my place stripped him down and made him choke on my c*** before I destroyed his little a****** wen I was done I walked him back close to were I got him and striped him down baged his closes and stuffed a really big d**** in his ass and taped it in and told him to walk back also recorded it. And there is so much more so much.

Tell me what u think.



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  • Kill yourself, f****. I know a buddy in jail that would rape you so hard causing your a****** to prolapse, his name is Jerome! Kill yourself. If you are just trying to make some creapy pedo erotic this has gone too far (which I didn't believe was possible. F****** pedos kill yourselves or we will f*** you up!

  • F****** disgusting wtf is wrong with you

  • Toddler secs is hot

  • Sweet I love baby

  • So you have s** with Snap, Crackle, and Pop??

  • Nah I bet he bangs honey nut cheerios

  • I hope you die just for thinking of a story like that. Disgusting fucktard.

  • I can understand about the 5 year old girl but why the boys?

  • The 7 year old I can understand but why the toddler

  • The three kids i can understand but why not their mommies too?

  • Did you mean Cereal, Serial or Surreal ?

  • Nice try ass_hole but you and your story both are fake as h***

  • You’re a sick f***.

  • My daughter and son are naked with me now.!

  • Can I se them please?

  • How old are they ?

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