Stuck a toy inside me

I'm a guy who recently started enjoying sticking toys in my ass. I bought a slender d**** to practice a little deep throat, because I have recently been experimenting with guys a little bit.

Anyway was really h**** the other day and tried to find someone to suck off in the mall bathroom, brought my d**** with me too. Had no luck. Heard that Barnes and Nobles is a hot spot for that. Went to that bathroom and again no luck.

So I lubed up the d**** with some bathroom soap and stuck it deep in my ass and played a bit with my c*** in the stall. Then I decided to walk the mall with that d**** in may ass. OmG!!!

It felt so good walking around with that thing in my ass. Walked past a few hot girls and was so turned on and wondered if they could tell I was walking funny or if they could see the ecstasy on my face. As I walked further down one of the main strips in the mall, the thing started to fall out of me, if anyone was looking they might have seen it pushing out of my ass and in to my pants. It felt soooooo good as it was ssliding out. Any way now I'm walking and worried it's going to fall out my pants so I stick my hand down my pants and pull it out and throw it in my jacket pocket. That's about for this one.

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  • I stuck a banana up my a*** a year ago and the damn thing broke off!! Now this spring I have a small banana plant sprouting from my a***. I am wondering if it will produce any fruit? Horticulturalists please advise.

  • Some strong tape to hold the d**** up our ass always works. That is what Frat Brothers do to pledges. Tape a large d**** up their a**** and make them go to class that way. Walking a mall with a hard d*** and a plug is a great thrill. Make sure teenage boys and girls see your c***. it will give them a thrill. Keep enlarging the size of the d*****. That is important for your development.

  • I would love it if you sucked me off personally

  • I'd have let you suck me off

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