Lesbian Relationships

I recently attended an LGBT awareness course at work.
The course leader asked me how I viewed Lesbian relationships.
I guess "usually in full HD" wasn't the answer she was looking for.🤣

Oct 18, 2018

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  • When same-s** marriages came legally in the USA, they didn't review the divorce laws which recognize man & woman

  • Cute joke, but LGBT "awareness courses" are more like harangues against anybody who isn't LGBT or worshipful of them.

    They started out as legitimately helpful places for the community to come together. As always, what started as a good thing has turned into a cancer. Now they are no less dogmatic and hateful than QAnon, and anyone who's "triggered" by that simple statement is exactly who needs to hear it the most.

  • Oh how original....not

  • What channel you tune into

  • Ha ha good on you.

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