Too much foreplay!

My boyfriend just loves sucking my t***, licking my p****, and tonguing my ass. Great you might say, just what a girl wants. The problem is he does if for ages and I'm left thinking 'just f*** me for goodness sake!' I don't say that to him of course, because I can tell he enjoys it, but I just wish he'd get to the main course a bit quicker!

Jun 26, 2018

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  • Wow! Awsm
    good job :

  • You'll never understand what a man wants baby...anyway i hope you get a painfull a*** penetration

  • Switch it up. After he's done it for awhile suck his c*** then hope on top and start riding him hard and fast. Pound him hard.

  • Obviously he isn't up for it! to much full on s*X! so meet up with me and I will pound your p*ssy and *ss

  • First world problems for sure. Consider yourself lucky. Very lucky.

  • Let him feel and do whatever he wants to. It increases the degree of sexual desire and once he is satisfied he will satisfy you. I regularly kiss and eat my girlfriend's navel and then f*** her so hard that she rolls in pain

  • Let me show u how its dne

  • Take control, get on top and ride him cray cray baby

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