Getting wife to smoke

My wife used to smoke a half pack a day of Marlboro Reds. I loved to see her smoke. She is so sexy when she smokes. I selfishly wanted her to smoke more. I smoke a pack a day, same brand. So what I started to do was every time I lit up, and I made sure she wasn't smoking at the time, I lit one for her too, so she of course would smoke it. Over time she started smoking more, and I kept doing it, lighting up and one for her when she wasn't smoking. I had her smoking 2 packs a day and she loved it. Of course she knows the health risks but doesn't really care. I get to see her smoke more and she is so much happier as well. Lately, I have noticed 2 crumpled packs in the trash before the evening, and she is on another pack, so she is around 2 ½ packs right now and loving it. Me too. Every once in a while i feel guilty that I turned her into a heavy smoker and she is ruining her health faster, but she is actually happy to be smoking more. She REALLY loves smoking, now, and doubt she would ever quit, so I guess something good came out of all of this.

Mar 18, 2015

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  • I have twin daughters who are 13 and they've been smoking since they were 6 but have only been smoking in front of me since they were 9. They smoke 3PPD each. Now they are young ladies and get some amazing looks from guys including gentlemen when they smoke. I don't mind them having s ex and a few alcoholic drinks either as long as to they don't get wasted.

  • Whats your number

  • What brands do they smoke

  • I have been smoking about two packs a day (2.5 when I'm socializing) for about eight years. My husband smoked around ten cigs a day, and I always wanted him to smoke more. I tried what this poster did, and through the pandemic I brought him up to smoking one every twenty minutes or so. That's great, but in the process I brought myself up to smoking a little over four packs a day, (one every ten minutes or so. My husband always tells me how sexy I look when I'm smoking, so I kind of want to start smoking more, but I don't think I could get much above five packs, even when I'm a stay at home mom. I recently found out that I'm pregnant, and talked with my husband about quitting. He said he didn't want to see me stop smoking, and I was very relieved. I don't want to stop smoking, especially sense he says I look so sexy doing it. I asked him about letting our daughter smoke, and he said he would likely be okay with it around age eight or so. I was able to talk him down to six sense that's when school starts. I am excited to get to bond with my son or daughter through cigarettes.

  • How are is your child smoking at 6 yet i have 3 children 7 9 11 all started at 5 years of age know 1ppd each

  • 8 is allright to smoke how old is your son

  • 8 year old to smoke i have 3 children 5 7 9 1ppd each

  • My wife gets me to blow my cigarette smoke over her ti ts and up her c unt then she masturbates before we f uck

  • Me and my wife do this and it's so damn hot

  • My daughters now 10 and chain smoker pall mall superkings

  • What about u what brand do u smoke ppd

  • I smoke cigars like cigaretts phille titans there long draw so easy to fill my lungs

  • I like smoking these cigars

  • Alright, so, I read this post 2 years ago or so, and I too love it when a sexy woman smokes. My wife had been a pretty steady 15-16 cig a day smoker, but I wanted her to smoke more. So I did exactly when this poster did and kept lighting cigs for my wife whenever I lit up. I had slowly gotten her up to around a pack and a half or so. Then with the pandemic lockdown, some real gains happened. Since I was now home all the time, I could really get her to smoke more. Now, she puffs away 2 packs a day. She seems really open to smoking even more. Even now, when I light up a pair of cigs and offer her one, she will take it and smoke it, even though she just finished one minutes before. Even I'm up to 2 packs a day now. LOL.

  • I love smoklng phillie tittan cigars the moor moors the better vs 120s by the catons

  • I love phillie titan cigars me and my smoke 3 packs of moore cigaretts each my i sugested we start smoking those cigars as a filler to get smoke a carton of moores we are loving this increas of smoking we feel ecitded to increase yours faithfully

  • As a dedicated smoker myself, I am actually happy for you two. I don't get people who smoke and feel guilty all the time. If you love to smoke, then just smoke and enjoy it. I smoke 2 packs a day and love it, and so does my wife.

  • L too have a severe smoking fettish long cigs then large cigars she asked me to smoke a pipe i like a lot of clouds of smoke so l took her on with a cigar a pipe and her red lips

  • Thats beautiful those sexy clouds are nirvana to our smoking communnity who embrace smokig

  • As long as she enjoys it, smoking is a good thing.

  • My wife makes me smoke

  • The both of you are adults so do not be ashamed smoking turns the both of you on so why not. You and your wife should try pot

  • I think what you did was GREAT! I am a major smoker too, and a woman who smokes alot is a major turn on for me! Keep up the good work!

  • I have dated women who smoke cigarettes I had smoked for years. Women that smoke is a turn on for me. Women that smoke pot is a huge turn on for me

  • Me too her lips sucking so hard and getting so much pleasure it turns me so on hard to describe i cant get of that visual smoke pleasure thanks for sensual comment

  • Sick f***. A very very sick f***.

  • But sexy and beautiful.

  • You should be ashamed.

  • Smoking is so sociable

  • Ya it is you meet so many very sexuaul people in those circles

  • Good for you two. Only a smoker would understand.

  • The only good thing is that the two of you will perhaps die at about the same time, if you consider that a worthy goal.

  • Your a f****** s***

  • You're

  • You f****** cancer c***

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