Getting wife to smoke

My wife used to smoke a half pack a day of Marlboro Reds. I loved to see her smoke. She is so sexy when she smokes. I selfishly wanted her to smoke more. I smoke a pack a day, same brand. So what I started to do was every time I lit up, and I made sure she wasn't smoking at the time, I lit one for her too, so she of course would smoke it. Over time she started smoking more, and I kept doing it, lighting up and one for her when she wasn't smoking. I had her smoking 2 packs a day and she loved it. Of course she knows the health risks but doesn't really care. I get to see her smoke more and she is so much happier as well. Lately, I have noticed 2 crumpled packs in the trash before the evening, and she is on another pack, so she is around 2 ½ packs right now and loving it. Me too. Every once in a while i feel guilty that I turned her into a heavy smoker and she is ruining her health faster, but she is actually happy to be smoking more. She REALLY loves smoking, now, and doubt she would ever quit, so I guess something good came out of all of this.

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  • I think what you did was GREAT! I am a major smoker too, and a woman who smokes alot is a major turn on for me! Keep up the good work!

  • Sick f***. A very very sick f***.

  • You should be ashamed.

  • Good for you two. Only a smoker would understand.

  • The only good thing is that the two of you will perhaps die at about the same time, if you consider that a worthy goal.

  • Your a f****** s***

  • You know what you really ought to do? Jump off a bridge.

  • You f****** cancer c***

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