wedding stress

I mentioned to my friend from high school that my fiance and I set a wedding date. She went ahead and automatically assumed that she was invited. She already requested time off to come to our wedding. I am not close to her anymore and don't care at all for her to come. Now we have to pay for her and her fiance (who also invited himself to our wedding). Her fiance and her are spoiled by their parents and probably don't know how it feels to be paying for anything with hard work. I really want to uninvite her, but that would be terrible. I want to lie to her and tell her the wedding is cancelled.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I'm going to agree with the first commenter. Your "friend" sounds like a douche. Don't let them get away with that s***. They have to learn to be a decent human being sometime.

  • just tell her. get a back bone lady. it's YOUR DAY . you shouldn't accomadate a friend who is fee loading. tell her the truth or you'll be walk over your entire life.

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