My best friend f***** me up real good

I'm an 18 year old girl, senior in high school. And I have a friend who I really like. He told me he wanted to come over to my house after school. So I said okay and after school I let him in my house. My parents weren't home at the time so we hanged around. Suddenly he started kissing me. I was kissing him back. I was really happy because he's literally everything I ever wanted. He pushed me to the wall and put his hand under my shirt, grabbing my b******. He picked me up and walked upstairs into my bedroom. He threw me on my bed. And we continued kissing and he took off my shirt and my skirt and threw it on the floor carelessly. I unzipped his pants quickly and took off his shirt. He started kissing my neck and kissing all they down to my legs. It felt good. I was running my hand through his hair while was grabbing my ass, kissing. Then he moved his hands to the back of my bra, he was untying my bra. I rubbed my breast against his chest. We were kissing hard as h***. Then after 3 mins of doing this we stopped I relaxed my head on his should and said he was hot.

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  • Really? He didn’t finish ? What a punk

  • Why didn’t you go all the way at that point.As an older adult I would have laid you on the bed face down and attacked your p**** and a****** softly with my tongue then given followed up with a real hard tongue lashing. Maybe you would have ready for me to pump you move and hard

  • They didn't go all the way because he ran his hand up her skirt and was surprised to find she was a he and he was holding her b**** instead of fingering a hole.

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