It was amazing

Ok so don't judge me but when I was 14 (I'm now 17, girl) I was hanging out with my best friend (boy, 14 at the time) and we went back to his place. His parents weren't home. He called some of his friends (all guys) and asked them to come over. I was kinda nervous because I've never been to a boys house without his parents before At the time I was a virgin. When his friends came I didn't know any of them we ended up playing truth or dare. I was dared to take off my pants. I didn't want to but it was a dare. So I took off my pants and then one of the boys went to go get condoms. He came back and the next thing I know I'm tied down to a bed. One of the boys (let's call him boy #1) took off his pants and underwear and started rubbing me everywhere. He started kissing my neck then he moved down to my chest Then my belly then he started tugging on my underwear until he pulled it off. He started thrusting his d*** into my p****. It felt so good he cummed on me I squirted. I couldn't stop. All of the other boys took turns doing the exact same thing to me. Shoving d**** up my p****. Kissing my c***. Fingering me. It felt so good Finally it was time for my friends friends to go. When they left I was sore and in some pain. My friend blindfolded me and started kissing my nipples rubbing me everywhere moving slowly down to my c***. He rubbed it so much he took his HUGE 11 inch c*** and thruster it into my p****. Oh it hurt so bad I wanted to cry. But I didn't he'd thrust in and out and in and out so many times he stuck his fingers into my p**** so far up I could feel everything inside of me As soon as he took of my blindfold and untied me. My p**** was hurting so much. My t*** were hurting, my mouth was dry and painted with c**. I asked for some ice. When he brought back an ice pack he thrusted me back onto the bed placing the ice pack on my p**** and he started kissing me. I was kissing him back. We used everything , tongue , lips, fingers. I gave him a HJ and a BJ. He licked my nipples and my c***. He also thrusted his tongue up my p**** and when he hit my G SPOT I moaned so loud it was amazing. Now he sometimes calls me and asks if ill be his little s** toy. We re still friends and I think that he has a crush on me
Anyways that was the day I lost my virginity


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  • I to lost my virginity about the same way cept it was with 9 guys who I had no knowledge of who they were and all of them had their way with me some a few times over, I was 15 at the time and secretly I wish I knew them for I still have dreams about it and I get so wet. They even took my ass and the feelings there is far greater than in my p****. Maybe it was the size of the guys c*** that made the difference but to this day I long for c*** up my ass even doubled.
    I'm 17 now and I wish it would happen all over again

  • Bs. 14 year olds can't have 11 inch c****.

  • Damn true

  • Rubbish

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