Soaking wet

My first motel experience i was so into my guy.. as we entered the room h .was so h**** and so into me..hestarted kissing me so deeply and breathing deeply on my skin down to y breast as he nibbles my shirt and bra and took it off to see my nipples more and just suck them so hard.. and turned me really h****.. he played his fingeres around my body through my thighs then took off my pants and panties.. as we go both naked he played his fingers around my c*** as i go really while his kissing me.. then i grab his c*** and just made him really hard as my hand goes up and down.. he removed his brief.. then kissing me deeply as he go down he forcely open my thighs while kissing me down he faces my p**** he tried to lick it.. as i moan loauder he forcefully plays his tongue around my c*** and sucking it gently.. my p**** got really soaking wet and i wanted him to get his c*** inside of me and c** inside yet his not done with the foreplay.. he nibbled my c*** and fingered me while nibbling my p**** it feels like heaven and wanted to c** but he stopped.. and looked up to me it was like his gonna eat me.. then as he breath slowly to my neck and kissing and licking it heavenly.. his c*** was so hard getting inside of me as he thrust it was so good that i cant help but to moan loudly and flirty.. and when i was about to c** he stopped and lied on his back.. he wanted me to continue so i pushed him on the edge of the bed as i sit on his warm hard c*** i got really aroused that every pump was exciting as we moan together we both came the same time.. thinking about it all the time makes me wanna try more positions on love making.. and making me wet right now..

Nov 11, 2015

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