I can’t stop kicking guys in the nuts

In February, I delivered my first life-destroying kick to the groin, I felt like a literal goddess. Just seeing my victim curled up on the ground screaming, his very identity crushed by the legs he was leering at just seconds before... intoxicating. God, my kick lifted him off the ground too, I never knew I had so much strength within me until that exact moment. His entire future, ruined in one second by a girl he once viewed as below him. It’s such an indescribably euphoric feeling. Ever since then, I’ve been addicted to the high. I’ve kicked more than 20 guys in the b****, and I know that at least 6 of those guys will never have children due to the sheer strength behind my kick (also probably due to the fact that I usually wear combat heels). If I could take back the day, when I kicked that first guy in the b****, I would, because now I can’t stop for the life of me.

Nov 3, 2018

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  • Have no sympathy or concern the next time you hear of a teenage girl being horrifically tortured and killed on the news , hopefully it may just be this cow 😂

  • Silly lying c*** , same as every other female , inferior 👎

  • I feel the exact same every time I deliver a devastating c*** punt

  • Do you want to ballbust me ? Contact me : azrael1736@gmail.com

  • I feel no pain. It has allowed me to punish those who kicked my b****. I have kept on attacking them until they went to the ER. I have made sure they will never kick again. All of what I do is allowed under self defence, so girls, f*** off and go work at MacDonald's, your intelligence is only for that.

  • You're such a b**** and you are still below men you should go make a sandwhich.

  • You kick a lot! In which situations do you kick those poor guys b****? Combat heels are so feminine, and sure ruin a man's b****.

  • Every girls should kick men in the b****. It's fun, and it teaches boys that girls are not weak as they are!

  • I don't really think you really broke someone's b****, they can resist a lot more than people think, but even like that, you gotta control yourself (what a good advise).
    Just so you know, you can be a ballbuster, which is basically someone who loves it so much it could even be erotic, ballbusting's the name.
    Doing it to someone that lets you do it is ok, but try not to kick/knee someone who doesn't unless they really deserve it (self defense).
    I hope you can control yourself and have a more peaceful life hahaha. Also, if you have a boyfriend, talk about this with him, and if you try it, and both of you like it, you will not do it to friends so often :)

  • You definitely are a goddess

  • Steven Bonnell is definitely a ret@rd

  • This isn’t funny. When I was 12 a girl pantsed/kicked me in the b**** when I was on a school field trip to the pool. She exposed me completely in front of my entire class, including two girls I had major crushes on, then to make things worse she squeezed my b**** as hard as she could, then kicked me so hard I fell into the pool. It was the worst day of my life, and I’ve never had a girlfriend since due to my reputation being permanently ruined. Please don’t do this to guys.

  • On the contrary I find it very fun!

  • That is terrible you need help. please seek out professional help. I will pray for you my dear. Your an abuser!

  • Your a goddess!

  • You are an amazing woman, and I love you. Kick me.

  • Until very soon, someone will snap your knee caps!

  • Ha ha you and who's army f off

  • I will pay you $500 to kick me in the nuts interested?

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