Ladies, listen up

I am an 18 year old girl who loves kicking b****! My little brother lets me kick him in the nuts, and it's just so funny when they crawl up and grab their b**** like they have just been shot, does anyone else like to do that or anyone like getting kicked in the nuts

Sep 7, 2017

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  • Kick me in thé b**** too :

  • Kick me in the b****, ill rip your throat out sweetheart

  • F*** baby kick my b**** too

  • My girlfriend does this to me. Usually she'll dress up in PVC and heels, make me strip naked and then she kicks my b****. I'm 35 and married and she is 23 and so dominating. She likes to humiliate and torture me for gifts and money. I like to entertain this because my wife is quite frigid and the enjoyment of someone much younger and sexier dominating me is awesome. Fortunately she loves s** and giving b******* too! Once she stopping blowing me, stood up, kicked my b**** so hard I fell to the ground and left me in pain

  • Don't have any b****, but I can kick you in the c***.

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